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  1. Yea seems like the most logical explanation, for preventing duping, but it takes longer here like 10s. The server can't have mods because of epic account, so it must come from plugins or I hope there is a line somewhere in ini setting that deals with that delay and someone happens to know about. Now that you mentioned it, I did feel that short delay now on other server, but it never bothered me before when I played there (I migrated to the other server coz of the better management) This one is exactly 10s when the items start moving. 0:07 , 0:17 , 0:27 Anyway, nvm, I decided to leave everything to decay now, it's getting like chores. Thx for the help. Mod can close the thread.
  2. Does anyone know how to fix a delay that happens on this button or what caused it ? It's really problematic that I have to transfer each one manually after using transfer all
  3. Same, mine lv 655 unofficial, weight 1610.8 after imprint , wild lv 88 + domesticated 1 lv just for testing , only +30 weight more or less. Melee is 835.3% (wild 84 + domesticated 63). Damage to wild dino is around 4.3k. Seems like doesn't matter the level, we have more or less the same weight. So a giga is tailored to have more or less fixed everything but damage. I tamed 1 high level giga and 1 low level giga and bred them to make parents with the high lv giga stats, and when still in process I saw that a +33 food and +80-ish food didn't seem to differ much like 5k and 6k, so giga seems to get advantage from mostly imprint, not its level unless it's damage. This lv 655 giga only has 419.6 stamina. I bet even if I pump all lv to stam, it will still get tired easily. I prefer my carcha now with 2.1k weight, less dmg than giga but more meat, and it runs fast randomly if killing many dinoes.
  4. Hahah that works too, similar to what I do using argy as packmule, but kinda defeat the purpose of Giga being Giga, it's like the devs deliberately wanted to nerf it to the ground even to its stamina. This is why Pve and Pvp kinda needs separate development, but it's too late for that with the game near its end. I tried adding weight to Carchardontosaurus, I play on a server with 441 as max wild level, and 1 level only adds 40 weight, seems not worth it. Do ppl really accept Giga being like this ? Damage is good thougn, even mutated rex probably won't come close to a bred non mutated GIga's dmg. But the stamina is so sad it needs a packmule like Argy.
  5. Is it not like HP ? because adding hp only gives a few points that's not worth it
  6. Everytime I need to do a meet run, I always choose my Giga, but the stamina is soooo limited, I wonder why is it made like that, for balance ? maybe in pvp ? is a slow moving giga balancing it in pvp though ? Because in pve it's a very unpleasant experience riding a super slow giga with lots of meat in inventory and with no stam. I can pair it with an argentavis, can even do several runs in one go since I can dump the full inventory from Giga to Argy a few times, cryo the giga and back home with the argy, but why is Giganotosaur made like this. It's not making it difficult, it's making it so annoying. A lot of things in Ark is not hard but annoying, even dino's tail is annoying it causes rubberbanding, why can't their tail be ignored and let us pass thru it, but this is Giga stamina thread, why ? Imo if for balance, it's better if it has high stamina base, so if leveled up, it will add a lot, just like it's base damage, because ppl tend to fully level up damage than anything else, even leveling up hp isn't worth it, but it's already high, giga needs a stamina boost. Does stamina potion/brew work on Giga/dino ? Some land dinoes' speed is too slow even slower than the slowest flyer and Giga is the WORST experience. Rushing for meat, only to be frustrated when going back home.
  7. I think killing own dinoes has its benefit for xp for the wyvern or my own character, and since I'm playing on a higher max dino level, it gives more XP. Also useful for taming Carcha, but I prefer baby rex for that since hp is low. But still with the crazy amount of breeding, they're just too many and yea maybe grind it on cryopod or other methods too. That's a good idea, my cryofridge almost full.
  8. I see, guess I'll just finish breeding this tek rex and try to do bosses after that. Aberration is also no flyer zone, so snow owl can't heal, but how about that Tek Phase Pistol ? Can use that to heal now that it is available. I don't have problem with xp though, I play on unofficial with boosted rate even tho it still takes time, the problem is, my level seems to stop at 100 when in Fjordur, I just tried making saddle and I didn't gain any xp anymore in fjordur. When I went to The Center the other day, my level went fast from 100 to 105 from killing rexes and alphas for making spawn slot for Tek Rex to spawn, but seems like it stops at 105 now. Until Chibi.
  9. I went to The Center carrying a Giga Chibi , from lv 1 managed to level it up to lv 4. So that is +3 level. But my character from 105 only increased by +2 level. Do I have to change to new chibi ? -edit- nvm, after killing alpha rex, my char exp seems to increase by a lot, so the chibi level doesn't reflect char level increase, the xp will increase the level once required amount is met.
  10. It would be great if this Stomatosuchus's attack is automatically swallow coelacanth , piranha, sabertooth salmon, so when attacking coelacanth/piranha/sabertooth salmon, it doesn't kill the fish, but swallow them and keep them in its pouch and if we take the fish out, each of the fish will be automatically put into an 'organic fish basket/bubble' ready to use for taming, this organic fish basket/bubble can spoil and can be refreshed if put back inside its mouth. Will be very helpful for taming shadowmane or otter or any future creature with whole fish.
  11. What I mean in this thread is that the wild dinoes in Asgard esp Rexes, they're mostly already hurt because Rex attacks everything, even against herbivores if they're high level, mate boosted, and there are several, even a high level rexes can still get hurt pretty badly, so doesn't matter what weapon I use, the remaining HP is just not enough to sustain him until I hit the torpor to full. While outside of Asgard, I can use snow owl no matter how badly injured the wild dino is. But it doesn't matter anymore, I already found out The Center has the best spot for Rex spawn, even Tek Rex. So it doesn't matter anymore even if asgard only allows Lymantria lol. Now I use Asgard for meat run. I miss the old days where wild dinoes spawn was sooo many anywhere I go, they were so everywhere. Now they're pretty spaced out and little number even in a big land like Asgard.
  12. I use a asc crossbow with 572% dmg, isn't with more dmg % the torpor dmg will be better than darts. I just checked wiki it needs lv 118. That needs ascension , beating dragon boss even ? My char lv 105, I think thats max before ascension or cmiiw.
  13. Species Bohaskaia monodontoides Time Early Pliocene Diet Carnivore Temperament Very friendly Wild The most docile creature in the ocean, Bohaskia monodontoides is so docile that even the fiercest creature in the ocean will not attack it, not even an alpha. There is only one level for this creature which is Level 1. It lives in the water near the shore. Domesticated With its spacious belly, it can provide a fixed space for housing crafting stations, bed and storages. It stays at level 1 forever. It has no weight stat and no inventory, meaning it has unlimited weight depending on storages inside it. Cannot put down structures like foundation, wall, ceiling, etc, just crafting stations, bed, storages, generator, smithy, fabricator, etc. Even if it has unlimited weight, we still have to carry the stuffs via character inventory, because the interaction is with storages put INSIDE the whale belly, not with the creature's inventory, the beluga whale itself doesn't have inventory. So we hold E then choose 'ENTER' from the wheel. Combat This creature cannot attack since nothing will attack it, so will have to carry other dino for that. Taming Passive tame, only need 1 any meat cooked or raw , since it is supposed to be for very early tame even for those who just joined the server, it is very easy to tame. But each person is limited to just one Bohaskia. (We already have so many endgame creatures, so let this one be early tame) Utility Roles: - Mobile base/respawn point, it acts as a mobile base with decent speed and unlimited carry weight, the idea is to replace raft that is so useless nowadays with the so many leeds around, while raft can actually be a very good starter base when still scouting the map for available spot if it is too crowded. - Can float on surface and move by using its tail fin, or submerge. - Can move very fast so travelling anywhere via water is made easy. - The area inside it's belly is equal to 3x2x2, not too big, not too small, but enough to house many things. Notes : - The appearance maybe uses Beluga Whale, we already have so many scary looking creatures, time to have a cute one like the gremlin one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PG-q9avfxrc Illustration :
  14. The game is not all about dinosaurs now. It has mythical creatures and fictive creatures, or just cross bred of real life animals (maewing), beaver. Why not add real life animals we can see at the zoo right now or in stories. 1. Slime. This creature is abstract creature that can be shaped into various real life animals. it is a hermaphrodite so only need one to reproduce, when mating is enabled it will gestate a baby slime. When gestating it will show crafting recipes for "shaping" the baby slime into various real life animals. - Cat , needs thylacoleo claw - Dog, needs allosaurus brain - Snake, titanoboa venom - Chicken, Therizino claw. - Tiger, t-rex arm - Lion, spino sail - etc These animals are just decorations for our base or maybe same use from existing dino but reskinned to resemble real life animals, like tiger/lion just reskin from thyla. Stats and gender are randomized, but always max level with max taming effectiveness, so ppl will still have to breed the animal. 2. Geppeto's whale, dunno what kind of dino/animal fits for this role, maybe Orca. It's a small whale, fast moving and don't have weight stats. The game kinda takes away raft as our viable water surface base, so let this be the replacement, it is early tame. Make it easy to tame and spawn near shore, not the depth of water. This whale can be used as mobile water base, when riding it, we enter its mouth, inside is hollow, empty and dry, we can put down crafting stations, generator etc in it, can't put any structure like walls, foundation etc, just crafting stations, boxes even vault, preserving bin, refrigerator, all those stuffs. It is a docile creature like Megatherium , it cannot attack so it is 100% will never be attacked. Entering its mouth will 100% lose any aggro from anything. Can swim on surface and travel like raft (will just flap its tail fin to move) or dive and controlled normally. It is only level 1, cant be bred, and limit 1 per tribe or per character. 3. will add more if any creature comes to mind.
  15. Yes, but outside of accident, when ppl are in the water and tired, most if not all of the time they still have the energy to swim back up. Even floating still inside water can regain stamina. It's just annoying having to watch 2 stats for being in the water at all time, oxygen and stam when at base just doing stuffs, esp when building something it's easy to get distracted and forgetting stamina bar, it's deep but not too deep maybe 12 walls high so I hardly use any mount because mount is too fast for what I need to do and cannot strafe. That's why I suggest the current mechanic to be used when in real depth and just use oxygen when not too deep and regen stamina when on surface. Most of the time I forget about this second stat I have to watch beside oxygen, esp when I have scuba tank and diplocaulus near me for refilling oxygen but still forgetting stam. A game only allows us to do things we can do with game mechanics it has, yea the game has tames for that but wouldn't hurt with having more game mechanics for better experience. Also we are not the character in the game, we cannot feel what our character feel, we only have hud with icons etc to remind our limit, but I don't know if it's just me, I ALWAYS forget stamina but NOT oxygen when inside water that's why i made this suggestion. I just can't and always forget, died so many times and feel helpless when stam runs out esp when using scuba tank, it takes a while to die. Feel so annoying can breath like a boss in the water but cannot move bcs of 0 stam. But outside of this I love the underwater experience in Ark. My base has to be near water so I can dive in and scare myself. 🙃
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