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  1. Things Ark NEEDS (suggestions welcome)

    Ground tethers for animals. There is nothing worse than leaving your animal outside while you are doing something and then something attacks it. NEXT THING YOU KNOW, your favorite animal either runs off or gets in a fight with another animal and dies. Most frustrating thing is when your flyer goes off on its own as well
  2. So is Aberration fun?

    I haven't, but I've seen the boss fight. And MAN OH MAN. It's ah doozy But seriously, it's fantastic and really incredible. You will need so many other tribesmen/women to accompany you. Even if you use cheats to fight, a guarantee you that the fight will at least go on for 10-15 minutes. Doing it the normal way could possibly take 30-45 minutes! I am of course referring to the fight in terms of doing the Alpha level. Don't watch any gameplay of the fight if you don't want the Ark story to be spoiled!
  3. I've become really intrigued by the Ark lore with the recent development of now knowing that Aberration's boss is Sir Edmund Rockwell. Yes, THE Rockwell that developed the recipes. What I've gathered is that he was a 19th Century London chemist who joins the other three main characters (I forget the other two and am only able to remember Helena) initially on the Island. From there, it seems, the four of them ascended and went to Scorched Earth, just as we did when we beat the Island Tek Boss. From Scorched Earth, things seem to go down hill. In one dossier, I think Rockwell starts to lose his grip on everything in the heat. But some how the four main survivors ascend to Aberration. This is what I've heard: Rockwell fell in love with Helena, as one can observe that in some of his dossiers he writes about being fond of her company. But he wanted to seek more power after witnessing the Tek Boss and was driven mad with the thoughts of element. So much so, that he began experimenting with it on other survivors (not the main survivors) and eventually, on himself. I am assuming that is how he ended up with the form he is, in Aberration. Now I mentioned Helena because someone said that SUPPOSEDLY, Rockwell hid her somewhere to try to save her (from natural death, as he saw element as a means to reach godhood quite literally) and she is somewhere on the map. What do you guys think? Do you think Rockwell would do such a thing? What are your thoughts on him? If anyone is interested more in the story of Rockwell, here's a link to all of his dossiers
  4. How do you transfer your character out of aberration?

    I am unsure why your items did not transfer over Sorry bro, not much help there. But one thing I can help you with. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT GO TO THE SURFACE. I also thought the surface would be habitable with a hazmat suit. That's not the case. It's basically Scorched Earth up there except it's so hot the ground is literally on fire during the day. Not much for resources except for Element nodes. Aberration is essentially a map based underground where you will live, fight and hunt underground. Sorry I was unable to answer your question. I did the same thing as well (except I had gear). I created a new character because there's new engrams to unlock and I wanted to unlock them. If you prefer metal housing/structures, I would lastly like to mention you can also collect metal from grey rocks with blue veins in them and when an earthquake happens, you can usually find and collect the metal that falls from the ceiling. Again, sorry I couldn't answer your question. Best of luck on Aberration!
  5. So is Aberration fun?

    Absolutely. Without a doubt. Wildcard has COMPLETELY reworked the gameplay and basically everything from the ground up. This map is completely different from anything any Ark Players have seen thus far and actually is somewhat more narrative driven (YES! Ark does have a story!) and let me tell you man.......the boss fight? OOOHHHHHHHHHHHH BOY. It is beyond words. Don't watch other people play it, do it yourself! And best of luck if you do decide to get it. You'll need all the luck you can get
  6. Aberration not working?

    You can install it, but you can't play it until tomorrow. Kinda like a Christmas gift. You can buy it, but you can't open it and use it just yet until Christmas
  7. weird question.

    Horizontally it's supposed to be about the size of Scorched Earth. Vertically, I honestly have no idea. VOLUME WISE it may be the largest, (think of the map like a skyscraper) but land mass wise (think an island compared to previously mentioned skyscraper analogy) I believe it's the same as Scorched Earth
  8. aberration Ark Aberration DLC

    Ah, alright. Thanks mate!
  9. aberration Ark Aberration DLC

  10. Wrath of the Titans????

    Wondering if it's possible in any way to get the Manticore, Ice Queen Worm and Lava Golem all on the same map as the Spider, Gorilla and Dragon?
  11. For some reason, the Skylord artifact is not spawning in the arctic cave on the Island map. I thought it may have been just the game, so I quit out and went back in. It still didn't wasn't in the location it said it was supposed to be, and I searched the entire cave to make sure. Still nothing. I created a new game entirely under a different account and still, same deal. I'm playing offline, so I don't know if that makes a difference. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
  12. Phiomas are OP

    I don't believe so. I think they are listed in a youtube video on the list of "Most useless animals in Ark"
  13. Pteranodon Vs Pteranodon fight

    It will sadly stay up there (and possibly disappear) unless 1.) You had it set to follow you 2.) It kills the other flyer 3.) It runs out of stamina and crashes 4.) You get another flyer and go up there 5.) You might be able to type in "Fly" in Admin Command bar IF it's an available option Hope this helps!
  14. Lost my character and dinos in update

    What were you playing on? PC, PS4 or XBox?
  15. ARK: Aberration Expansion Pack Announced!