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  1. If there's one thing we can count on WC for, it's being inconsistent. Or maybe being consistently disappointing
  2. At this rate, the element/shard consumption has been tweaked too many times to say for sure, but I believe that it's somewhere between 1 element lasting 18-20 hrs, depending on server settings regarding fuel consumption. And as others have stated, I wouldn't trust the wiki's calculations.
  3. I think it really just comes down to preference. If you're far away from any bee hives, it is a hassle and I would suggest getting one via Queen Bee taming, but if you're close to one, just get a bear. Cheers
  4. The problem is coming up with some sort of strictly defensive items. A shotgun turret for close range would be awesome, but could easily become an OP offensive weapon. I can imagine that it could work like the heavy turret, though. I wish could dip pits or trenches, fill them with small animals or spikes. That would be something. Maybe even something like net traps. Both of these would add new dynamics to the game, as they could be used for defensive purposes or taming purposes
  5. Well...depending on how the server is set up, you could wait and starve to death. Or you could make the blood extraction syringe and drain yourself of blood until you die. I forget if you can use that while "flying."
  6. Yes, I believe this is possible. You would just need a large enough platform for the giga. I'd suggest using thatch walls or wooden railings to enclose the giga, as both are relatively cheap to construct but can hold the dino on the platform
  7. My question about the squid is how do you grab things with them? Playing on PS4
  8. Thank you!!! I hate the tether. They used to have an adjustable slide for tether distance. Whatever happened to that??
  9. Exactly. Dumb decision. Unless like the week before Extinction's release they hold am event where all the big tek animals come out
  10. High ranking Tapejaras. Just fly over everything, man. Ain't nobody got time for dat ???
  11. This needs to be a topic of it's own. Very good point. All vanilla/original dinos need to have new abilities and looks
  12. Nope :'( But look up Tek Defense Turret. Dangerous lil bugger you can spawn in.....killed a level 6 giga I found. It's....awesome. Hehehe ?
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