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  1. DavidPlayz

    Turret Settings

    I play on Official PvP in a Fairly Big Tribe. I am wondering What setting to put and how to config Heavy Turrets and Tek Turrets on.
  2. DavidPlayz

    How to get lots of metal quick?

    Metal in not that hard to find if you know where your looking. Starting off I would tame a Argentavis (level all into Weight) and get a pick axe to fly to mountains. Use this link to find where the nearest metal nodes are related to you position. (Metal if Often found near or on Mountains) https://ark.gamepedia.com/Resource_Map_(The_Island)
  3. DavidPlayz

    Heavy Turrets Vs Normal Turrets

    So are heavy turrets better then normal turrets in every single way. Do they still have the slow tracking problem?
  4. I play on official PC pvp and am building a new base. I am wondering how I should split up my turret count between Heavy Turrets,Normal Auto Turrets, Plant-X. Is it even worth Normal Auto turrets after they fixed the tracking on heavy turrets. \ Should I do All 100 Heavy Turrets? Whats your opinion keep in mind I only want 100 turrets because I am planing for the turret update.
  5. DavidPlayz

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Got Raided and lost over 300 hours of work. Changed Servers and ready to start a new beginning.
  6. DavidPlayz

    What to Level Up?

    I am about to reach level 100 and I am going to take one last mind wipe. I am wondering what to put my points into. What do you guys have as your stats and what would you recommend to a player who plays on PVP and plays with one other person.
  7. DavidPlayz

    starting dinos to tame?

    In My opinion I would not get any dions until you have built some sort of basic pen to keep them safe from other people and other wild dinos. If you want to get going fast and don't mind waiting a bit for taming I would try to get an Argentavis because it has decent attack but is great for getting resources far away from you base. If you want a good ground mount I would get an Iguanodon as it can get berry's and has good all around stats if you get a decent level one. Keep in Mind you may have to grind a bit to unlock the saddles but they should be easy to get if you are crafting narcotics and building a little starting base I play on Official Pvp and those are the 2 dions I started off with.
  8. DavidPlayz

    Why human meat in ark isn't called human meat ?

    Humans are animals too and should not be singled out. An Animals is an animal Meat is Meat
  9. DavidPlayz

    pve Taking on Alpha Dino's

    Me and my Tribe took a level 50 Alpha Rex with 2 imprinted 200+ rexes easily. If you can get it stuck with 2 rexes it is quite easy.
  10. DavidPlayz

    Bulding a Base with 4 Walls

    Me and my small tribe are building a new base. In our old base we built that outer layer with four walls and we ran into lots of problems and ended up wasting a lot of metal. So in our new base is 4 walling even worth it? Should we just double wall? What are the disadvantages and advantages?
  11. DavidPlayz

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    1.Did a meat run to feed my baby rex 2.Did a metal run with my quetz 3.Bunch of other not so fun stuff 4.Beaver Died 5.Logged off because upset about beaver
  12. DavidPlayz

    Imprinting System needs a complete overhaul

    When there is no 2x Imprinting more than 50% is a challenge for me
  13. DavidPlayz

    How do I find a Giga?

    The week I have found 2 gigs at the base of the Volcano and one by metal mountain. Good luck gigi catching.
  14. DavidPlayz

    Official SurviveTheArk Community App

    Cant wait till they release on IOS. Does anyone know when.
  15. To me ark is a 9/10 its a great game that I can dump all my time into but I would really like to see a bit more optimization and rework the taming and kibble system. If they fixed that 10/10