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  1. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    How come no new servers ? On every map ?
  2. Ark Aberration Delayed! 3 hours

    Can a PS4 player upload a map of the addon with spawn and ob locations ?
  3. Ark Aberration Delayed! 3 hours

    Great can we have a map of the addon with spawn and ob locations ?
  4. The timers on breeding is the best exemple I have on hand. Should be finished for 4 hours, sitting on a solid 1h hour, wont move a bit. Hell, the timer even goes up from time to time. Impossible to play, and only getting worse. I get that you want u game to feel wanted, that too many server divide the population players making servers feel empty and the game not being played. Thing is, new player come everyday adding to the lag and the 70/70 constant pop (with no queue, obvi.........). But right now, ur're just ruining the whole experience for everyone. New players and established one. Doing something much ??
  5. Epidemics and natural diseases !

    And forest fires, recquiering a few ppl to be dealted with. And metal on meteorites, and special mob, DarkAndLight style. OOOOWW yeah
  6. EU-PVP-RAGNAROK more PC-Server?

    Need more of this map I'll agree.
  7. Can't wait, hope for no ocean DLC... Space thing would be sooo cooool. But a cave or too would be nice too !
  8. I saw a all bunch of Nitrado servers online for a few hours yesterday, with only 1-->10 people on them. They mysteriously vanished after a while, haven't seen them since then. Name were 424 (on Nitrado) just like we had before. I'am sure those will come online soon, don't worry. Maybe there keeping you waiting for you to base-build directly on to the new expansion map <3
  9. Seems... unpractical to say the least. Maybe it was a temporary mesure for preventing bugs during the migration ? If some1 figures it out ill take the answer too !
  10. Does a dino that can extend spoil time exist ?
  11. If you could choose one dino to start

    Theri without a doubt. They're hell to tame, but they do pretty much every farming u could think of, coupled with a doedi and anky for later.
  12. Hello ! I wanted to start on Ragnaros in the swamp but couldn't find anything to kill ! Just the occasionnal Carno, and 1 Paracer over the entire zone. Felt kind of empty, and hard to grind hides and meat. Also, there isn't any fish in some river (the one near the green OB for instance). They are great to start, and to make a zone more of a living biom. Only saw the swamp area for now. Will go back tough, the map seems great. And I liked how diversify the spawns are, saw at least 50 differents types of dinos in a hour of play, feels great. Keep up the upgrades !