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  1. You guys stay safe over there, I'm sure the vast majority are fully understanding of the situation and are happy to wait. There are bigger things happening in the world right now than pixelated dinosaurs.
  2. So, apparently, I'm an idiot! Watched a video, one of the Pooping Evolved gang, where they paid a visit to the surface. When they came flying out of the entrance and landed, it was exactly right where my base is. 'How on Ark have they managed that?' I thought. So intrigued I started looking around, I thought it must be high up maybe above my base so climbed around all the walls to no avail, went up the road to the top most part, nothing there, then eventually, I twigged, walked out of my front gate, and walked straight for 100 yards and there it was. Unbelievable! In my defense, another t
  3. Not been up to too much lately, grinding metal, breeding the Megalos and Spinos. I now have a 228 male Megalo, which without further mutations is going to be the highest I can get I think with my current breeding stock so the search for new breeders will begin again. Also whilst bemoaning the lack of females that I've been getting, I went and got all female triplets. Made a start on the Biolum base, and immediately ran into a major hitch. My plan was to use a big flat area up above where I have my mining base for dino storage and run a ramp down to get dinos up there, but whilst the serve
  4. Only popped on today to check troughs and take the latest Megalo on a bit of a levelling run. Logged in to see that my level 205 turtle with over 10k health had got killed by a level 95 Raptor, despite having a Carno, 2 Spinos, 2 Paracers, 2 Crabs and a pack of 4 Ravagers all pretty much right next to it on Neutral. Weird. So took the Megalo out and I decided that apart from 3 or 4 much needed levels into Stamina, as he's pretty much a disposable unneeded Male, I'm gonna have some fun and level him exclusively in Melee. So a few runs up the river, nearly killing the server owners crab in
  5. Bred up the Megalos and Spinos again, got 224 babies with both and the Spino finally survived, huzzah! Another trip down to the Drakes and again only a sole lvl 20 egg to show for it. I think it's because people are grabbing eggs then running and we haven't had a dino wipe for a while so I may take a Spino down there and murder everything to try and force some spawns. Hunting for Basilisks on and off and just not finding any, and the odd ones that I do find are crappy low levels. How I wish I could have an S+ Tek Transmitter :-(
  6. Have now made my first couple of forays down to the Drake nests which was nerve racking at first but not too bad once I sussed out the proper route. Unfortunately it was to not much avail. My first trip not a single egg was to be found, second trip I managed to find a lvl 20 egg and ran like hell, third trip there was again a lvl 20 in the same nest as the first which I left and explored a bit deeper, found a 55 which did the old Wyvern egg thing of despawning when I picked it up. What's most annoying is that according to my Bulbdog the area is littered with high levels, but none of them seem
  7. Finally lucked out and found myself a 145 female Megalo, so immediately bred her up with Fungus and got myself a nice 222 male baby, Orc, who kicks all kinds of butt. Also nabbed a 135 male Anky, who I bred up with my female, not hatched it yet, but having a spare good Anky and a back up means that I can start to make my base in the Biolum. After much umming and ahhing, I finally settled on a location somewhere in the middle, up high at the end of one the stone bridges. It has everything I required in a location, a plant Z, a charge station, a gas node (actually 12 gas nodes!) access to l
  8. It's been Megalo madness the past few days. I set off with the sole intention of taming up a high level Megalo, all the gear I needed to build a taming pen on the fly, and loaded up with tranqs, extra crossbows, extra hazard suits everything I'd need, hopped on the Drake and into the big blue I went. On the way down I spotted a lvl 100 just standing by some rocks at the top of the road down. Thought briefly about taking him but surely there would be better out there so I left him be. Down I went, I explored every inch of the biolum, all the way through the crystalline swamps to the very e
  9. Tamed myself a 145 crab, although just my luck he's mostly worse off in stats then my 130 tame. Got a 140 male Spino to breed up with my 150 female, a 140 female Doed to go with my 150 male, a 140 male Ravager, and a 145 female Stego so been doing a bit of breeding. Also chanced upon a 145 Paracer and a 135 Iguanodon so figured I may as well nab them too. Traded some crystal for a couple of Drake eggs since I'm still too chicken to venture into the purple zone myself, a 145 and a 90. Decided to raise the 145 straight away since I was already raising babies which meant doing something I've
  10. Decided to explore a wee bit deeper into the Biolum, got hit by freezing spores and died. Lesson learnt, I'll be getting a Hazmat suit before I try that again. Finally started to find some decent Ravagers, a level 85, a level 95 and best of all a 145 female. Got them bred up and got a couple of nice pups, Carnage and Ravage, Carnage being the best at 162 at birth. Taking the spino out for a run, I went down my usual path into the river, and ran straight away into a 140 crab, best I've seen by a long margin, so quick dashed back to base praying that I had enough mats to make up a cata
  11. Made two major advancements today which puts me bang in business. First of all I tamed a nice 110 Stego for Narc production and the third in the Stone/Wood/Thatch triumverate (although what I wouldn't give for a deer, Stegos are painfully slow) Up went a four high wall around my area. After scoping out a few areas closer to my metal source I decided I may as well remain where I am for now as the places I'd like to be are already taken, and for now I pretty much have Fertile lake all to myself, and metal running although still a hike has become easier thanks to my second and third acquisit
  12. Finally starting to get a grip on Aberration. Got a tiny little shack next to Fertile lake, a little taming pen for a steady supply of disposable Ravagers (disposable cos I can't seem to get any high levels) Finally got a route mapped out for quick nipping into the Biolum for metal without too much drama, although a pesky Megalo did put a serious crimp in my day and cost me three of my best Ravagers as I tried to get back the metal I'd just gathered. I now finally have a saddle for the Roll Rat that I tamed on my first day at the lake so I'm covered for wood now. A 140 carno spawned close enou
  13. Scouting for Ice Wyvern eggs (I know, it’s become a bit of an obsession) found a 150 female Polar Bear. Got her back to base and tamed up and immediately bred her up with my male. Finally got around to taming up some snakes, 3 level 15’s using a load of trashy Wyvern eggs, so that cleared up some room in the fridges. Got 3 eggs off of them almost straight away so that’s a start to paying off my boa kibble debt. Also finally got around to building a little greenhouse to avoid any more crop shortages. Baby bear popped and she inherited every good stat, and got a weight mutation, w
  14. Not been up to much lately that hasn't involved searching for or raising high level Wyverns, got myself a 180 Ice now, found it whilst I was raising a 165, who became food for taming a 150 Troodon. Today though was a day of taming fails. Found a 150 female Angler, took her back into my cave with the squid, ko'd her, really nice stats, topped up her narcs and went back out on the squid. Headed to Squid Central and got into a brawl with two Alpha Squids, two regular squids, about 3 Dunkies, and 2 Liops. They had me completely pinned, unable to hit all of them, and rapidly draining my h
  15. Been on in fits and starts, so a brief summary of what I've been up to; Took the Fire Wyvern into the carnivorous caverns for a look around since I've never been in there before, found a 135 male Megalosaurus and took it back to base to tame, accidentally hit it one too many times and lost some effectiveness on it, but never mind. Scoured the Wyvern trench and finally found a 190 Lightning egg and hatched it. Now that my female Megalosaur is mate boosted she's pooping out loads of eggs, got 20 in a very short space of time. Used them to tame a 145 male Theri. Did some modd
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