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  1. We just acidentally tested what happens when we drop tamed dinos with c4 on them to a base... and accidentally learned that auto turrets does not shoot c4 anymore, so the suicide animals can be used against bases where turrets are set to survivor only OR survivor + mounted settings (which is the meta basically, to avoid easy tanking by sending in unounted tames to the bases). As far as I remember auto turrets shot C4 before... but not anymore?
  2. NickSmith76

    Patch 269 Delay

    http://www.studiowildcard.com/jobs/ There might be couple folks at that area (some of he server admins are there for sure, from some twitter posts on server outages), but honestly: 1. Which one is more realistic: EVERY SINGLE patch was delayed by a natural disaster at a location where a WC employee worked OR 'Irma" is just a nice excuse attempt to blame some delays at a Seattle based development studio? 2. Even if it is true and the florida folks are the ones supposed to deliver the next patch, no one at WC has internet to do some communication on it? Excuses, always excuses... The next patch will be delayed by a tsunami on Madagascar...
  3. What would be the point to play with friends in a team, when someone else just achieve the same ALONE in another team... it would make the whole teamplay pointless... It's like the "one man tribe player" with superhero skills, while people playing as a team are nerfed to "thrash mobs", to make sure the 2 teams are BALANCED. The only solution what is fair is the SOTF way.. no tribes, so 1vs1vs1 all the time... no tribe, no alliance, no chat, no coordination allowed.
  4. The OP is right that unique IDs can be generated, that is viable. But the checking mechanism would require enormous efforts, and still not hundred percent foolproof... the problem is, you have to check ALL servers when a transferred item is manupilated. And that can be happened in every single miliseconds of a day (depending on the number of players and servers).
  5. NickSmith76

    Please extend Timers for Hurricane victims!

    But in this case EVERY single time there is something unusual happens in the world, they should do the same. Like if there is a firestorm in australia, flood in oceania, riot in south africa... right? Actually on EVERY SINGLE DAY, somewhere someone is blocked from playing the game due the unforeseen. Treating Us residents as special - from this prospective - is not fair and will be a basis for everyone to ask WC to do that in their case as well... In my opinion, players should be a organise such "emergency'" situations themselves. Like a friend of mine had a serious surgery, so he asked me to take care about his tames for a week or two. Just to be on the constructive side: if WC could implement some system like an ORP for vacations/emergencies that would be usefuil tough. Like you can set your base as "away" for a predefined period. Until that period your base is protected, your tames are frozen BUT you cant login/use it for that period, and no cancel option. Some web browser games I saw such features...
  6. NickSmith76

    Punished for playing the offical map

    Is it a measured fact with statistical evidence or just a feeling? Im playing on a 3 map cluster (ragna/se/island), island is the most populated map, but I never heard the residents having such complaints, and they have just as high level tames as the citizens of the other maps...
  7. NickSmith76

    Is Aberration worth it or should I get season pass?

    Since Wildcard is bad in delivering promises, personally I will wait until the actual release - will check playtests, reviews, forum comments to see if: - the content is good enough and justifies the price - the game quality is good enough (bugs, chrashes, balance) - wildcard provides enough servers to play on When I see the criterias above fulfuilled I will buy the DLC. They cant put me on the hook with 5 eur discount It might happen until they reach the criteria I have on the DLC, we will have the Christmas sale anyway
  8. If they reduce the tribe size... then you will complain about alliances... if they remove alliances, you will complain about people making VERBAL alliances (like I do on our server) and teamplaying that way. You want to complain about a fundamental truth, thats the problem. In a cooperative game, when some people decide they DONT WANT or they CANT cooperate, it is utterly stupid to ask for limitations like this.
  9. NickSmith76

    I wanted to report some success on bosses

    Congrats on the success.. but if you already had rexes and could breed couple more, why bother with the wolves? They have no saddles, they hae much less HP, their damage is also lower... what the point bringing them in?
  10. NickSmith76

    Ok now this is ridiculous

    Im happy that WC delays the patches, and wish they could delay it even more. Nowdays the patches are just making the game more tedious in the name of "balancing", implementing new timesinks, grind increasing changes, IM NOT looking forward to what the devs spit out...
  11. 10 > 1 If a game tries to alter this, that would be the fundamentally flawed one.
  12. NickSmith76

    Please extend Timers for Hurricane victims!

    Well... that is interesting that someone live in the hurricane hit area, and his main problem that he will lose his pixel animals in a computer game. By the way, next time we will see posts saying because someone will have a baby and wont be at home for couple days, he will ask WC to config the servers according to his needs... or there will be earthquake in japan, so another server config needed. Or riot in Malawi... or is it just the US we care about?
  13. NickSmith76

    Deprecated Official PC Server Backups

    " the save file is from the day we announced that we would be repurposing the servers."
  14. NickSmith76

    legacy and official servers

    I wonder how a PVE server community can do anything with the pillaring, titano pulling trolls IF they come... PVP servers might be OK, you have the tools to chase them away if the community is fine.
  15. Hmmm... I will ask our admin, because on our unofficial cluster (3 maps) there is no trace of this anti cheating timer thingie... I transfer between the servers 10-20-30 times a day, moving materials and dinos between our home map and outposts, and I can do it just as before, without any limitations... Until now I tought this is normal and only officials are plagued by this timer maddness...