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  1. What Happens When Tames Fall on Lunar Biome Does anyone know the answer to this? I would assume they would be teleported like players and mounted creatures do, but I can't seem to find any information on what exactly will happen when tames fall off on the lunar biome without a rider.
  2. If u are trying to move dinos and buildings to genesis,very high chance its disabled for a few months, so there is no point in packing up early. U could have just kept all your dinos in cryo to reduce base maintenance while waiting. I will be turning my server into a Genesis server. Everything has to come out of that specific server so that whatever is left behind is not lost or made inaccessible. I hope this clarifies what I was trying to say about the situation. I am not opening a new server, I am converting a currently operating server. According to the Wild Card announcements
  3. It had a release date in December, and January, and now February. As to why we don't pack up the day Genesis comes out? I will let you figure out the answer to that because it should be obvious.
  4. I will be honest here. I am not going to be "that guy" who says this is for the best and I am fine with waiting for a "more finished product". It just isn't true, the game will be MORE FINISHED, but probably not as finished as it should be in any case. That is very sad to say, especially since this is the only "game" I play, and I don't consider what I do in Ark to be a game. I will wait as I always do, but I am not going to call anyone names, or say I am shocked at such an announcement. I will say that the game releasing in February now as opposed to the initial target date of December r
  5. Yeah, it would be kind of like capsule corp from dragon ball Z. Too bad I was wrong and its actually a floating platform, which is also cool!
  6. Starting to seem like Genesis will just release some day without a warning!
  7. I would like to add I did all 14 notes besides the snow cave on 2 different characters and haven't received any skins. I am also able to re-acquire previously acquired notes as if there is nothing tracking my completion. Hopefully someone finds a work around to this issue soon!
  8. 6 Months and still happening. Its the Polar Bears, Chalk Golems, and Ice Golems. Hopefully with the new variant dinos on Genesis we will get an update that fixes this issue, or can we go ahead and expect that genesis variants will also have this issue? Make sure you guys test with low level dinos before transferring in the future!
  9. Chiming back in because its been months and I haven't seen any difference in my game! Pretty much everyone I play with is sick of it and now we spend money every month and don't even play...hard to enjoy a game when you feel like your eyes will blow up after only 30 minutes, but its even harder to let all my stuff be deleted from not paying...
  10. Hey WilliamMichell, Thanks for letting me know about this threat! You received my vote and I will be doing everything I can to help this issue succeed! My immediate goal is to get them to disable these intense graphic settings immediately on all servers as a band aid solution until graphic settings adjustments can be added to the user interface. I will post some pictures also later because I do believe those pictures will showcase how serious this issue is, and us console players have been dealing with this since December 2016, although it was even worse back then!
  11. I will officially post this in the suggestions once you guys update the forum. Right now my biggest suggestion, or rather my largest concern with my Ark Survival Evolved experience, is something that may or may not be out of your hands but would be a life-saver if you could find a way to make it possible. I need a way to be able to save and back-up my Ark servers with Nitrado. There are typically ups and downs with my small group of comrades on the Ark. We get busy in real life or otherwise are not able to efficiently afford and manage multiple servers in a cluster. However, when you stop
  12. This, as well as many other reasons, is why I humbly live out my days on a Nitrado hosted ps4 Ark server. It sucks that we lost the survival side of Pvp, but me and my buddies can still fight each other if we arrange something. As for what some of you are suggesting, and this statement by Wild Card, there should be a much longer process of "Think" before the part where you "Speak" Asking people to spread the word about how horrible the Ark is will do nothing but reduce the likelihood that you will see this universe known as the Ark expanded. Private servers, or other similar arrangeme
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