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  1. Very few assumptions are being made, and many precedence have already been established for the release of new maps.
  2. I think you may be confusing what a cluster means. Genesis may be added to certain clusters that exists, but as far as official servers go it will obey the standard rule unless something changes. That standard is 3 months no transfers. Private clusters do not have to obey that rule, and can allow transfers right away. Whether they will add new clusters as "fresh beginner" clusters that is also widely unknown at this point. Perhaps with enough player feedback they would consider such a thing.
  3. I would suggest you watch the news announcements. The release date has already been mentioned and can be quickly found with a google search now.
  4. If u are trying to move dinos and buildings to genesis,very high chance its disabled for a few months, so there is no point in packing up early. U could have just kept all your dinos in cryo to reduce base maintenance while waiting. I will be turning my server into a Genesis server. Everything has to come out of that specific server so that whatever is left behind is not lost or made inaccessible. I hope this clarifies what I was trying to say about the situation. I am not opening a new server, I am converting a currently operating server. According to the Wild Card announcements, It was placed under my impression that this closure should be completed before Christmas break, and then later it was announced that January 28th may be a more accurate date. Come to find out it is not 2 entire months of a server that has been left in limbo. I know 30$ isn't that much money, but from a finance management perspective that is extremely bad management. Not to mention, I may be one of possibly thousands of people suffering a similar issue. Wild Cards actions and failure to manage release dates and accurate announcements may be actually causing players thousands of dollars. That is the argument I was trying to make clear in this discussion.
  5. It had a release date in December, and January, and now February. As to why we don't pack up the day Genesis comes out? I will let you figure out the answer to that because it should be obvious.
  6. I wonder if any of the original information we received has changed while they were working out bugs or other design things.
  7. I will be honest here. I am not going to be "that guy" who says this is for the best and I am fine with waiting for a "more finished product". It just isn't true, the game will be MORE FINISHED, but probably not as finished as it should be in any case. That is very sad to say, especially since this is the only "game" I play, and I don't consider what I do in Ark to be a game. I will wait as I always do, but I am not going to call anyone names, or say I am shocked at such an announcement. I will say that the game releasing in February now as opposed to the initial target date of December really does plenty of harm to me and my group I play with. Being a full time student with a high work load, February may be the worst time for the game to come out for me. Not just that, but my group closed shop on our Valguero server to switch it over to Genesis, and now all of those efforts were done prematurely by 2 or more months. We "rushed the move" because Genesis was on the way, and now we did all that rushing and spending more time than necessary when it wasn't even a priority at that time. THAT BEING SAID, I have already experienced the release of one expansion before Christmas time with extinction. The addition of raptor claus, gacha claus, and the subsequent valentines day event really dumbed down the early progression of Extinction in many ways by granting very easy to obtain breeding lines and blueprints. I was going to use the Valentines day even on Genesis, because I would be a fool not to take advantage of that opportunity, but I am actually really glad that the event will NOT be occurring on a Genesis map until next year. That is a very good thing for anyone who plans to play Genesis as a fresh start with no transfers. Last but not least, @Wildcard Don't actually answer me here, because I don't want you blasting your companies business to the public. I only care so far as the question actually being considered properly. How much time are you guys even devoting to contingency time? Normally with a design, especially with an ambitious one, there would be weeks, months, hell you could even have years of contingency time dedicated to all the things that could go wrong. If you say a game is done by December, that game should be done and getting tested 6 months or more before then. You already said too much to the public when you claimed Genesis will be ready late January and closed testing at the beginning of January. Seriously?! This isn't a shot at your company or business to make you look bad or be negative, but did you really give yourselves 2 weeks to work out the kinks and bugs of a game from closed testing to release?! You need to do some research as a company on proper design phases and planning because that is absolutely absurd. There are some bugs in the live game that weren't address for years, or still go without being fully dealt with! 2 weeks on a new ambitious map such as Genesis to weed out these potential bugs?! ./end rant I love this game, I really do and I fear for a world with an Ark that is too perfect. I am also in fear of your business falling apart if you maintain this current course. Please change for those of us who believe in this thing you have created.
  8. I disagree with you completely. I think many people including yourself are misreading the problems with the game as lack of care, when in fact its more likely that it's just really hard to do what they are doing and they care plenty. Why would they not care? If making these games are directly linked to their livelihood then of course they care. They definitely respect constructive criticism and the evidence is in the large amounts of content that were added to the game or changed which was a direct result of the ark community as a whole. This is such a great response to the previous post and the general ideas of this thread. Thank you so much for your input! I agree with you that despite all of the problems we deal with Ark is still such a great game. I love to imagine what this thing would be like if it was more polished. It would be dangerous!
  9. Wow this was really good! Great analysis of the stat calculations!
  10. They have always had a date before, except in the case that another poster mentioned with Scorched. I did not have the pleasure of being part of the release of Scorched Earth as Ark released on Ps4 with scorched already available if my memory serves correctly. They have missed dates in the past, but that is not the same as not even having a date to miss, or at least that was what this post was to be discussing. Do you have something specific you would like to mention to the class so we could share in that knowledge?
  11. Yeah I think what you said is 100% true, there are tons of people who feel a huge lack of confidence in a decision such as not making any announcement when supposedly we are very close to a release. Do you think that there is even a chance it is intended and not due to a lack of having anything to show? I would be really interested in continued discussion about this.
  12. I am fairly certain there is closed testing currently underway and none of the information has been leaked so far. That's a pretty good sign. Can't say the same for other rpg style games where you already know half of the game before the game is even out!
  13. I can't disagree than there is much said on the subject, but I will have to disagree that we have the full story. Born out of element doesn't really describe much about how, who, etc. That was an awesome example though so I think you for that!
  14. I have also had this problem. I have attempted the notes on multiple characters. My experience was on Ps4 servers. It currently seems as though nothing is keeping track of completion for this quest. If I transfer from a server, or even log out, I am able to go and collect a note a second time. Edit: I was browsing the forums and found this thread The short version is this: If you are having trouble with these notes, go and do them on single player. I have confirmed that doing them on single player works much better! Give it a try!
  15. I have a good answer for this! Currently if you tame a creature with a unique re-skin such as the Chalk Golems on Valguero, they actually can become bugged when you attempt to transfer them! I personally have a pretty large collection of polar bears, chalk golems, and ice golems that are all stuck in cryopods with a raptor/yuty icon. This has something to do with those re-skins not being in the base game files or something complicated like that which someone explained to me. Will this also be the case in Genesis?! Lets hope not! And lets hope the old issues are fixed as well! Just in case, you should do test transfers with replaceable creatures before attempting to transfer anything you care a lot about! If that new saber you tamed does transfer and become a regular saber, more than likely it would be like that permanently!
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