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  1. What Happens When Tames Fall on Lunar Biome Does anyone know the answer to this? I would assume they would be teleported like players and mounted creatures do, but I can't seem to find any information on what exactly will happen when tames fall off on the lunar biome without a rider.
  2. Has anyone been able to find one after the changes made in updates? It is unfortunate that Theri is such a highly available tame with no blueprint opportunities reported.
  3. I believe you are employing many tactics that are not possible on official servers, such as 300+ armor saddles, Turrets on platforms, and generally speaking breeding such a large Mosa army so early (while possible) is not such an easy feat under normal settings. Of course you beat it easily all other issues aside, even if the boss is working as intended you would still smack it with that kind of firepower. If you don't want things to be easy don't make them so easy for yourself.
  4. Searching the Fro-zone Issues On Ps4 while doing the "Searching the Fro-zone" mission, I have tried a significant number of times and have blue screened at every single attempt never even making it to the fourth area. I don't expect the entirety of blue screen issue to be resolved, but at the very least do not FAIL this mission when we disconnect or crash. Then at least we can team up with others and work towards completion as a team and keep disconnected players safe. If anyone on PS4 has completed this, could you summarize your exact methods and path taken, maybe the blue screen cr
  5. To add to this discussion, you can also investigate the lake with scuba gear. Coel only spawns on the starting of mission, and I have yet to ever see all 16 spawn. Respawns do not occur. It is possible that clearing the sabertooth salmon and emptying the lake will increase coel spawns. Currently planning to test this theory. Either way too few are spawning and the Alpha version has been impossible in all previous attempts. This is on Ps4.
  6. Please Wild Card, I'm Begging You Genesis Has Met My Number One Expectation! After playing Genesis for several days without watching videos or paying much attention to the forums, I finally decided to browse through and see what others were saying about bugs, experiences, and overall opinions of the expansion. I have seen a lot of discussion about bugs that are actually features, about disappointment in the game mechanics, and worst of all many people who claim to despise this game as "The Worst Expansion Ever" just because information on how to beat the game is somewhat unknown o
  7. They seemed to give me the bonus on ps4, but when I repair them a second time they do not. They seem to be slightly glitched the same way explorer notes do and occasionally it doesn't work, but it could also be because of the fact that I have done them before and I am not mentally keeping track. Hope my personal experience helps you find your answer!
  8. Very few assumptions are being made, and many precedence have already been established for the release of new maps.
  9. I think you may be confusing what a cluster means. Genesis may be added to certain clusters that exists, but as far as official servers go it will obey the standard rule unless something changes. That standard is 3 months no transfers. Private clusters do not have to obey that rule, and can allow transfers right away. Whether they will add new clusters as "fresh beginner" clusters that is also widely unknown at this point. Perhaps with enough player feedback they would consider such a thing.
  10. I would suggest you watch the news announcements. The release date has already been mentioned and can be quickly found with a google search now.
  11. If u are trying to move dinos and buildings to genesis,very high chance its disabled for a few months, so there is no point in packing up early. U could have just kept all your dinos in cryo to reduce base maintenance while waiting. I will be turning my server into a Genesis server. Everything has to come out of that specific server so that whatever is left behind is not lost or made inaccessible. I hope this clarifies what I was trying to say about the situation. I am not opening a new server, I am converting a currently operating server. According to the Wild Card announcements
  12. It had a release date in December, and January, and now February. As to why we don't pack up the day Genesis comes out? I will let you figure out the answer to that because it should be obvious.
  13. I wonder if any of the original information we received has changed while they were working out bugs or other design things.
  14. I will be honest here. I am not going to be "that guy" who says this is for the best and I am fine with waiting for a "more finished product". It just isn't true, the game will be MORE FINISHED, but probably not as finished as it should be in any case. That is very sad to say, especially since this is the only "game" I play, and I don't consider what I do in Ark to be a game. I will wait as I always do, but I am not going to call anyone names, or say I am shocked at such an announcement. I will say that the game releasing in February now as opposed to the initial target date of December r
  15. I disagree with you completely. I think many people including yourself are misreading the problems with the game as lack of care, when in fact its more likely that it's just really hard to do what they are doing and they care plenty. Why would they not care? If making these games are directly linked to their livelihood then of course they care. They definitely respect constructive criticism and the evidence is in the large amounts of content that were added to the game or changed which was a direct result of the ark community as a whole. This is such a great response to the previous
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