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  1. The game, at least in PVP, is built around tribes warring with each other. The idea of a mega-tribe is sort of antithetical to this entire concept, as they just shut down any, even POTENTIAL, opposition before it can even start via server-wide wipes.
  2. Ark: Aberration - Master Thread

    It looks really cool to me, I love the idea of a malfunctioning habitat where dinosaurs were mutated.
  3. This is also happening for me, many beds aren't appearing on my map.
  4. Rumor has it 2x weekend coming up tomorrow?

    I'm feeling some giga babies, so it'd definitely be nice.
  5. Just so Y'all know, otters are PIGS!

    This is kinda odd, mine don't seem to eat that much.
  6. Titanosaur Climb Limit

    Seven seems to work perfectly fine for me, but they'll still get in if you leave base as above.
  7. Singleplayer / Alpha Bosses question

    Hard dragon feels totally broken at the moment on official settings, I don't know if it'd be different on singleplayer though. The Strat that most people do seems to be hit/miss and losing 19 rexes really sucks. I'd also be interested in knowing a more reliable strat.
  8. Swamp cave

    Consistently challenging cave, mastercraft/asc ghillie/scuba and asc saddles on frogs will help quite a bit though. I usually do swamp cave with 2 other people on imprinted froggies.
  9. How does Auto Decay work?

    Thatch and single foundations in particular decay exceedingly quickly. I haven't experienced mass decay like you though.
  10. pve Boss Fights/Requirements

    Gamma and Beta Broodmother in particular are very easy to do with a few 220-270 Megatheriums and 4-5 high level rexes to tank/dps.
  11. Wild Giga Vanishings

    I've also seen random gigas popping INTO existence, scared the hell out of me the first time it happened.
  12. Currently on TheIslandPVE-83, it's a good server with a lot of nice players. Place is a bit too pillared, but it's fine.