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  1. Seriously, why must u people play on official. I think unofficial servers are way better due to mods, actual admins, and higher rates for people like me who can't spend 5hrs playing the game everyday. Just a suggestion for people who are still looking for official servers.
  2. JustSam

    A better tranq weapon

    So far tranqing Dino's in the game is pretty time consuming right now considering Dino's like brontos take like a hundred shots to take down. Also, there are very little options to choose from for taming gear. I would suggest a tek tier tranq weapon, probably another ammo type for the tek rifle. Would be great to see this in the game
  3. JustSam

    No Ovis in "Scotland"?

    Some of them can wander off to the beach area, try searching for them there
  4. So I started playing ark about a month ago. Started off playing in single player for about 2 weeks, and then joined an unofficial server and have been playing there ever since. Just asking for ur opinions, is it better in anyway to play on an official server?
  5. JustSam

    What level should you tame a rex at?

    I'll say lvl doesn't matter for taming most Dino's. U can tame it easily by building a trap or sniping it from afar. Rex are pretty slow and bad at turning so u can probably even tame it on foot. Just takes a lot of time to tranq it.
  6. JustSam


    After the flyer nerf, I find quetzals no longer efficient for transport. It is now about 3 times slower than a wyvern. Yes 3 times. What I suggest is that slowe flyers such as quetzal and moth get to lvl up their speed whereas faster flyers like wyvern and ptera don't.
  7. JustSam

    Ice wyvern nest locations

    So I've been trying to get ice wyvern eggs for about 4hrs today. Turns out they're much harder to find than I thought. I saw about 5 ice wyverns but not a single nest. Do anyone know the nests' exact spawn loactions? I just need the ice wyvern to complete my wyvern collection.
  8. JustSam

    Base Locations

    I would suggest the beach area between the lighthouse and redwoods area. U can get all resources nearby except for black pearls and cactus sap. It's pretty flat and close to the grasslands where gigas and titano spawns. Also close to the wyvern trench at the volcano so u can get wyvern eggs. There are also mantis there so u can kill them for organic polymer. But if ur looking for a more hidden and secured base location I suggest the cave under the lighthouse. There are stone pillars hanging from the ceiling there. U can build tree platforms on the pillars. Overall a great resource and base location