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  1. Where are the new aberration skins?

    Me and my friend play on PC and we bought the season pass as soon as it came out. Now we see plenty of people with the 2 new skins but after several updates and respawns we don't get the new ones, just the others we get from achievements and the first 2 aberration skins. Would be nice to get the things that we actually paid for.
  2. Boss arena broken?

    Hello! Me and my tribe just tried to do the bosses on ragnarok on our usual unofficial server, we got in to the arena just fine but only the Manticore spawned, we killed it and thought that the dragon would spawn in later but we just ended up waiting 17 minutes until the timer ran out and everything died, we couldn't do anything about it. Has anyone else had this problem? We want to do the bosses but we don't want a bug to take everything we have, is there a fix for this?