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  1. genie45

    Ragnarok Map Serious Glitch

    you are missing files and make sure you dont have "Ragnarok_Landscape.umap" in your SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Content\Mods\Ragnarok folder
  2. genie45

    Broken Tek Sword, Tek Shield or Tek Light Unlocks

    bossfights are done by wildcard .... @Stark @Jarvis probably something for you to look into
  3. genie45

    Ragnarok night fog/light bug

    the rag devs are moving currently ... unfortanly that means no internet and pcs for a few days ... we know about the weather stuff but cant do much currently
  4. genie45

    [Bug] Video unable to write to memory error

    could you screenshot that crashstack ?
  5. from our discord i know there are many issue with classic flyers. try it without the mod also keep in mind that icewyvern only spawn in the murdersnow part of the map
  6. genie45

    Ragnarok Completion?

    just check the FAQ its posted there
  7. genie45

    Ragnarok FAQ

    can you join our discord we just had something similar there maybe the convo will help you over there
  8. genie45

    Ice Worms not visible

    which platform ?
  9. i can see you using a dinomod which can interact with the spawns ... maybe thats your main problem i m sure that icewyvern do spawn (2-4) if not they are maybe bugged by whatever on your server you can try a wilddinowipe cheat destroywilddinos and see if that fixes your problem the unicorn setting seems to be bugged for some others are fine we still need to investigate that more
  10. genie45

    Ragnarok Map Serious Glitch

    thanks i will checck that
  11. genie45

    MAJOR graphic glitch (completely unplayable)

    can you try to reinstall the Ragnarok dlc ? if you dont know how ? go to \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Content\Mods and delete the Ragnarok folder in there then restart ark and wait till steam is done with the download can you please tell me if that fixed your issue
  12. genie45

    Ragnarok FAQ

    its a dlc just get it and you play it
  13. genie45

    Rag Ice cave loot

    ragnarok has the same lootdrops as Island and SE
  14. genie45

    wind turbine power failure?

    i think there is a option for that and yes that should work
  15. genie45

    Ragnarok Map Serious Glitch

    yeah please try to get the location on singleplayer using setcheatplayer true
  16. genie45

    Rag Ice cave loot

    should be still deepsea loot / desert loot crates
  17. genie45

    Rag Ice cave loot

    kill the queen
  18. genie45


    which platform ?
  19. genie45

    wind turbine power failure?

    i no longer update the wikia wiki please check the offical wiki at https://ark.gamepedia.com for latest info also check this file its more up to date https://ark.gamepedia.com/File:Ragnarok_Map_Wind.jpg
  20. genie45

    Where are the wyvern eggs?

    should be out by now (on PC) perform a wilddinowipe to get the new spawns working
  21. genie45

    Where are the wyvern eggs?

    Next patch will fix that [emoji2]
  22. genie45

    Cool Ruins Spot with words on the walls

    its the patreon temple was made for all those people that helped the devs through patreon when the map was a mod
  23. genie45

    Supply Beacon Issues

    you only made a stupid comment and no bug report ... also its not as easy as you think to place those drops in the devkit you only have flaglike placeholder for them and you cant see if its to high or low to reach also keep in mind that rag ahs over 300 possible loactions and most of thema re fine but just saying there isa buged one fix it is like going to a rando perspn and tell him to fix your home ... how are we supposed to know where that drop is and what is wrong with it without a proper made bugreport