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  1. genie45

    Ice cave Rag

    this is not a issue ... you are trying to exploit a mechanic that is intended to only open up the artifact cave area after you killed the ice queen ... if you dont kill her you wont get access to the artifacts and the loot down there
  2. genie45


    ah k last i heard from the map devs is it will be after aberration but still this month so i was confused ... but maybe this is only for PC as this gets updates more often and dont need certification
  3. genie45


    where did she write that ?
  4. genie45

    Players refusing to play on Rag Map

    well if you guys dont report those undermapping spots we cant fix them so please get us instructions where and how you can undermap so we can fix this
  5. genie45

    No lambs are born

    server tame limit check if you can tame new dinos
  6. genie45

    No lambs are born

    tame limits ?
  7. genie45

    Help finding a BP on Ragnarok if possible

    as Ragnarok only uses Island and Scorched Earth Loot drop spawns i guess you cant find it then
  8. genie45

    most scenic build sites on Ragnarok

    this looks awesome
  9. genie45

    Do Leeds spawn in Ragnorok?

    the DLC (on PC) is currently missing leeds spawns you might see some if you didnt wilddinowipe after the DLC update
  10. genie45

    Ragnarok sound cracking/breaking bug

    ok i will need to check this could you post a screen of your settings and maybe even what hardware you running on
  11. genie45

    Ragnarok sound cracking/breaking bug

    did you varify your files ?
  12. genie45

    Ragnarok spino spawns

    i put it up we will see what happens seems like higher ping servers (eg officials) have a problem getting them spawning
  13. genie45

    Rain causing temp drop

    there are currently some bugs in the weather system as it gets updated to a new one should be fixed with the next update
  14. genie45

    Ice Queen Is Broken

    thanks for that find
  15. genie45

    loot crate bug/glitch ps4

    go to your singleplayer and drag out every single item and dino in the obelisks that should fix your problem
  16. genie45

    1000000s of Wyverns

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1083349027 and heres a overall list of a lot more http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/browse/?appid=346110&searchtext=flyer&childpublishedfileid=0&browsesort=textsearch&section=home
  17. genie45

    rag giga spawns wierd

    wrong gigas are in an seperate spawngroup with just them self ...
  18. genie45

    Ice cave Boss fight

    No It's simply a mob you need to kill to get the artifact and the loot drops
  19. genie45

    Ragnarok FAQ

    lightning will still be something badass
  20. genie45

    PS4 Ragnarok Desert

    as you prpbably not read this post here go check it out and you will knw the same as everyone else
  21. genie45

    1000000s of Wyverns

    this mod in particular is known to cause issues with overspawn of flyers .... you might wan to use the totem the mod offers to control this issue or switch to to a working flyer speed mod
  22. genie45

    1000000s of Wyverns

    so you guys are using any dino mods like classic flyers ?
  23. genie45

    Ragnarok FAQ

    all caves have 6x damage full release is still planned for the end of year the jerboa will warn you, yes weather effects will be region based but some will be global
  24. genie45

    Crevice in New Desert Area

    most parts should be buildable soon something messed the volumes down there up