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  1. genie45

    unbalanced loot crates/

    were you farming normal beacons or desert drops? cause desert drops are basicly just deep seal loot crates ...
  2. genie45

    unbalanced loot crates/

    desert uses mainly the drops from SE which are compared to the island ones mostly more value
  3. genie45

    T Button either missing or not working

    i can see it fine on PC (both DLC and beta build) you should varify your files if you cant see it as you might miss files if this is an issue on a console let me know
  4. genie45

    Weird Rock formation?

    thats just bjackson being jackson he is one of the devs who loves to hide these figures all around the map
  5. genie45

    wood structures loading incorrectly on Rag

    it was fixed shortly after the release no idea if it came back
  6. genie45

    Ragnarok Desert Player Spawn Map?

    desert has no player spawns the mentioned "new" spawns are basicly just the old ones at some better spots
  7. genie45

    Waterfall Temple

    unfortanly consoles dont support the font used on the pc ... therefor all the meshes and fonts need to be remade
  8. genie45

    Wild Pteranodon flight bug

    thats an core ark issue all flyers have max hights they fly at and Ragnarok is partly higher at some points once the flyers are to high they try to get llow to the limit and ignore other stuff (like water) and fly towards 50/50 unfortanly that is an issue only the wildcard devs can fix as the core data of the flyers needs to be changed
  9. we are currently investigating the first mentioned issue
  10. genie45

    Player kills egg spawns

    thats all on wildcards side
  11. genie45

    Ragnarok FAQ

    Here are some frequently asked question about the map more questions will be added Source: https://sites.google.com/view/ragnaokfaq/faq Will the old bosses come back? NO, the old (Island) bosses were removed because they are Islands lore and therefore nolonger on other DLCs allowed. Will more Tek-engrams be added? NO. only the default Engramms from Dragon and Manticore are obtainable Will there be an other boss encounter? NO. There will be no more Tek Bosses but there will be more Bossencounter like the Icequeen and Lavagolem. When will the map be released? We currently aim for a release near the end of this year (2017) What´s in the next Update? Bugfixes What about the "Dragon-flying-away" bug? We are aware of these but need more informations when it happens and videos showing it If you want to help tracking that bug down post Videos showing the bug in the discord, please include also informations of what mods you are using, your rates and other settings we mainly looking for videos showing the issue on offical servers we may found a fix for the issue please help us varify it: Will there be another Wyvern Scar? most likly not When will the desert be complete? We're looking at 3 - 4 two week periods to release new parts of the Desert (Month and Halfish) Will there be more caves/buildable caves? Yes Will there be more dungeons? Yes, hopefully one for each artifact or at least a more difficult to reach area. Will there be new tamable Dinos on Ragnarok? Most likely no unless a new dino is added to the original Island spawns. Players will however see new boss battles much like the lava golem/Ice Queen that are not tamable. Unless there is a Bison or Owl added, then those will totally be added to the map Will Aberration spawns be on Ragnarok? No, but players I assume will be able to transfer them unless Wildcard changes something. Will the Ragnarok Team be able to use the Aberration assets? There is a good chance of yes to this given that they are released before the end of this year; 2017. We're hoping to create some new dungeons using these assets. Will the Phoenix make an appearance on Ragnarok? Right now we're a hard sell on this, and from a dev stand point want to keep it in Scorched Earth. We have however been told from WC that we can add the Phoenix if we would like to, so things could change in the future. Will the Ragnarok Team add any new biomes after the Desert? After the desert that will be the last of new Biomes. What is after the Desert Biome for the Ragnarok Team? We'll be adding new building caves (Caves players can build in) As well as creating new dungeons to give artifacts a new home. Will the Desert Biome have the same weather effects as Scorched Earth? Yes. We are looking to NOT have the effects on electrical structures meaning no effect on Generators or electrical hopefully these answers help you find answers easier also regulary check the original link as we add more from time to time and may need some time till its updated here too
  12. guys please update your client and server to the latest version 276.48 - Fixed disconnect issue on Ragnarok. Requires server update. - Fixed a character transfer issue. Requires server update.
  13. genie45

    Ragnarok artifacts

    and this is the new location https://ark.gamepedia.com/LifesLabyrinth_(Ragnarok)
  14. genie45

    Ragnarok artifacts

    some artifacts were moved to new locations
  15. thanks for that find could you guys post more locations here if you find more ? would help getting rid of these bugs
  16. genie45

    Invisible Iceworms?

    the guys in charge of the porting are working on a fix for this
  17. genie45

    very strong wind + new status effect ?

    the status effect is called windstorma dn what it does you already found out
  18. genie45

    Ragnarok update, lighting glitch

    same as before could you share a video showing this issue as we cant fix it otherwise
  19. genie45

    [Solved] Life's Labyrinth

    can you verify your local files and perhaps delte the following folder and let steam check again after that \\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Content\Mods\Ragnarok sounds like you got a corupted steam download and some files are either missing or bad
  20. genie45

    Dire Polar Bears Gone...kind of

    this is happening on consoles ? which one the PS4 or the Xbox ? this would be something wildcard has to do as they need to be added to all maps then which would most likly never happen as island has similar named direbears in the ice cave which would most likly mess things up
  21. genie45

    Ragnarok FAQ

    that seems wrong i let the guys know
  22. genie45

    Ragnarok update, lighting glitch

    could you provide a video showing the issue ? would help to track it down
  23. genie45

    ingame map completion?

    i mean technicly there is not much more there then what you see on the map
  24. genie45

    Jeremy said on Twitter console Ragnarok

    k thx could you try and set the skyquality to highest on the slider and see if it still happens?
  25. genie45

    Jeremy said on Twitter console Ragnarok

    to A) maybe some will come but currently it looks not like it B) something that is defintly planned but is currently not possible as wildcard needs to add a new way to add those notes C) there are more then enough spinos on the map D) all weather in ark is the same "clockward" system also the fog seems to be a mystery for some of us as i never seen it ingame and cant get it to come over me (would be cool if you could provide some info of what settings youa re running on and startcommands you are using)