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    unbalanced loot crates/

    deep sea loot crates have a way higher lootdrop grade / same as desert drops you can check these links to understand what can be found in the different drops https://ark.gamepedia.com/Loot_Crates https://ark.gamepedia.com/Beacon#Possible_Loot_.28The_Island.29 https://ark.gamepedia.com/Deep_Sea_Loot_Crates#Items_to_be_found to be fair it is way easier to farm the desert drops on Ragnarok then on SE or the deep sea loot drops on Ragnarok but overall it uses just the same drops as Island and Scorched Earth
  2. genie45

    unbalanced loot crates/

    were you farming normal beacons or desert drops? cause desert drops are basicly just deep seal loot crates ...
  3. genie45

    unbalanced loot crates/

    desert uses mainly the drops from SE which are compared to the island ones mostly more value
  4. genie45

    T Button either missing or not working

    i can see it fine on PC (both DLC and beta build) you should varify your files if you cant see it as you might miss files if this is an issue on a console let me know
  5. genie45

    Weird Rock formation?

    thats just bjackson being jackson he is one of the devs who loves to hide these figures all around the map
  6. genie45

    wood structures loading incorrectly on Rag

    it was fixed shortly after the release no idea if it came back
  7. genie45

    Ragnarok Desert Player Spawn Map?

    desert has no player spawns the mentioned "new" spawns are basicly just the old ones at some better spots
  8. genie45

    Waterfall Temple

    unfortanly consoles dont support the font used on the pc ... therefor all the meshes and fonts need to be remade
  9. we are currently investigating the first mentioned issue
  10. genie45

    Ragnarok FAQ

    that seems wrong i let the guys know
  11. genie45

    Player Levels and Xp Gain issue

    if you have a level override on your server you will need to add aditionally 30 levels over the normal reachable ones for ascention purposes. this is cause you can get 15 levels from island and 15 from aberration after you applied these changes you may need to mindwipe your char
  12. genie45

    Ice cave Rag

    which plattform and could you get me a video of prove ? cause the border should be one sided >> you schould be able to get out from the artifact side
  13. genie45

    Ice cave Rag

    this is not a issue ... you are trying to exploit a mechanic that is intended to only open up the artifact cave area after you killed the ice queen ... if you dont kill her you wont get access to the artifacts and the loot down there
  14. genie45

    Ragnarok sound cracking/breaking bug

    ok i will need to check this could you post a screen of your settings and maybe even what hardware you running on
  15. genie45

    Ragnarok sound cracking/breaking bug

    did you varify your files ?
  16. genie45

    Ice Queen Is Broken

    thanks for that find
  17. genie45

    Ragnarok FAQ

    lightning will still be something badass
  18. genie45

    Ragnarok FAQ

    all caves have 6x damage full release is still planned for the end of year the jerboa will warn you, yes weather effects will be region based but some will be global
  19. genie45

    Crevice in New Desert Area

    most parts should be buildable soon something messed the volumes down there up
  20. genie45

    Ragnarok FAQ

    can you join our discord we just had something similar there maybe the convo will help you over there
  21. genie45

    Ragnarok FAQ

    its a dlc just get it and you play it
  22. genie45

    Ragnarok FAQ

    added new question
  23. genie45

    Ragnarok SW content Update

    Some Pictures of the upcoming SW area for higher ress check this link http://imgur.com/a/xMIln
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    From the album: Ragnarok SW content Update

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