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  1. Turret change discussion megathread

    Then you get even close to there base and a giga oneswipes you... have u been in a megabase?... there's enuth space spread out for us to still have ample turrets round the whole base and rest of the turrets we will take and push out to approaches... doesn't make a huge difference
  2. Hmm

    Haven't checked this but one of my bases is built on an ob... mabie a shouldn't check it
  3. Turret change discussion megathread

    No, it' the numbers that help mega tribes. They still have the same resources and turrets allowed... it' the turrets taken away from smaller tribes that helps the megas A mega can easily ank and destroy turrets and now they can do its way easier s there will be even less
  4. Turret change discussion megathread

    100 turrets per square. That' still plenty and the added ammo slots tho they shouldn't be nerfing the turrets. They should be balancing or adding something to help smaller tribes defend against big mega tribes... the turrets nerfing only helps mega tribes Ps: a bet wildcard has a mega or alpha tribes and they dupe sht and aswell as taking out cash they want us to have less defence so they can raid our wooden bases too.... shame on yous
  5. Let's real talk about 2x

    Take char and build a base on a ledge somewhere near the top with slides to the lower levels... try and hide in some unnoticeable dark spot lol
  6. Am I more suited for PvE?

    Stay in the tribe but build yourself a hiddn base somewhere and don't put a bed in it... I had that in my tribe so when the other tribe guys messed up I never started again with nuthing Tell your other tribe mates they should do the same coz yous should always have an emergency rv point incase 🙄
  7. Christmas Event

    Was wondering how they could make a Christmas event but this sounds kl lol Server owners too btw, get the sledge spawn code 😁
  8. question about taming slot

    Is it 250/500 per server?... you would think that's a lot but considering tribe sizes and the amount of players it's pretty shty
  9. Nooo Way!!!

  10. The point of playing ark

    to wear naked items and stand on the beach above new spaws, then bite them with my $^&*--ptor
  11. Nooo Way!!!

    just seen a post saying 20/11/17... u sure lol... shocking tho
  12. ark Ark is garbage and needs to he fixed

    Nope a have lots of answer's... the pvp side is a bit borked... they expect guys with stone picks to fight a team of 100 who have rexes and assault rifles. Also it doesn't really go like the trailer does it!, by the time you respawn on the beach the rex dude is setting fire to your wooded hut 😁 There needs to be pve biomes with limited build spaces for new players so they aren't totally wiped over n over n over n over, u get the point
  13. ark Ark is garbage and needs to he fixed

    Pvp.. sounds like you and your freind should be on pve then
  14. Behemoth gates in pve

    Easier than building lots of walls
  15. Yeah only because it's unnatural. Tho most of the food timers and other stuff is unrealistic so who knows... like being fast tho