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  1. relax dude, only a game dude... come on man, we gona have to see bout that bro ps: good wee starting point to learn the game, devs obviously listened to a big group of players
  2. I liked the wording hear (Everyone will be able to visit and enjoy the world of Aberration before 2017 is out) honestly guys, they are going to release an unfinished aberration map and start hitting us with daily update... not that anything will change because I've updated ark every day this week
  3. That's good early game memories lol 1st time I started i can remember thinking how easy it was easy taming because parasurs And raptors made it look easy but the thez looked awesome and you just want that Dino sooo bad lol I got on a rock and made it agro me, I must have spent a full day up there trying to punch it out ?.. had bear traps placed too... never did get it until late I joined another guy and learned the game
  4. awesome m8, 103 seems to be best sofar but i'll check these ones out
  5. yeah a know, a went thru all the locations... have tried out a few se servers too and all the alpha bases were decaying so not much to test there... a guess thats why the servers were took down but am sure theres a few good servers to try out just need to find them lol edit: try server 103 if yous want to test out base raiding, all the obs are hard especially snow or if you force join the tribe they have everything
  6. been messing about with this and trying out some of the servers to practice base riding ect, sofar tried eu-221 but that's a pretty crap one with only 1 base at herbie island with plant x as defense... please feel free to post one of your own servers yous have tried out coz they make good practice rooms
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