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  1. jaypak

    kids music

    not sure if this is allowed but these are all kids doing what they love,,, its a hard business to get into so please help them out buy supporting there channel (subscribe watch like) ps: they are actually pretty good, aswell as having awesome voices they are getting better opportunities with bigger gigs and events ect. i also have robins word that she will write and sing an ark song if enough people want it lol https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8nz-sdv7fwq-LFX4v-HkSA
  2. jaypak

    HELP! Crashed while flying

    always always always always always always always always always always always always use trackers
  3. jaypak

    Custom name for items

    dont think so but you can give them a custom paint job lol
  4. jaypak

    Beginner servers=dead servers

    relax dude, only a game dude... come on man, we gona have to see bout that bro ps: good wee starting point to learn the game, devs obviously listened to a big group of players
  5. jaypak

    will things be transferrable in new DLC?

    you cant download tames but you can download a tek transmitter and eggs, i have a lovely little pt on the go and a fire wayvern need to fly m8, f%^& ziplines lol
  6. jaypak

    Alpha Rex battle

    haha these are the best storys,,, one of my tribe mates lost a raft build to a l50 alpha rex and after it died it gives u no loot lol
  7. jaypak

    Turret change discussion megathread

    Your vast knowledgeable post deserve a thumbs up ☺
  8. jaypak

    Rocket vs Plant X

    U could look like a guy... in my books that would count 😁 Also that's not too good ether coz u can still kill the plants... usaly find that the plants pop way before the planters anyway
  9. jaypak

    Dont ask and you shall not receive

    A dont think it' anything to do with the community why they change1 do stuff... look thru the game suggestions forum and you'll see that A say the game is what they make it... a mean you can go buy a pepperoni pizza then complain it' not square and doesn't have freaking pineapple on it
  10. jaypak

    Rocket vs Plant X

    U need a lot of plants to stop rockets and what's that guy saying about metal crop planters?
  11. jaypak


    Lol can't see s&×%£ 😁
  12. jaypak

    Question about Transfers

    Yeah just upload them to ob then when your on island they will be there to dl Remember to remove everything and remove upload there saddles separately
  13. jaypak

    Singleplayer Saves Missing

    10mb?... ark single player saves are way more than that bud... make sure u save it to a flash drive next time
  14. jaypak

    I cant really see the point of moving?

    Not lost if u take the save and load it into your own private server or single player