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  1. [Fixed in v275.4] The silent Giga nerf

    Someone posted about their 276 giga getting trashed by a mid lvl alpha carno...sounds like gigas got dumped on to the point you may aswell not bother taming them. In fact just take them out of the game...they are absolute garbage.
  2. Missing stuff since update

    Well that doesn't sound good. Bit late in the day for WC to be making these kind of blunders. Official?
  3. Missing stuff since update

    Sounds like you got raided, unless your on pve?
  4. Alpha CARNO just killed my 276 Giga

    Just goes to show how weak gigas have become.
  5. 12 hours later....

    Beach bob earning 2 dollars an hour is doing his best😂😂😂. I just went to bed whilst it downloaded.
  6. Be The Best Troll You Can Be

    Hahaha, this guy sounds like a salty mega tribe member that's had his petra killed one too many times. A troll has nothing to lose, you in your tek helmet has everything to lose...just saying.
  7. Be The Best Troll You Can Be

    Kill everything you find, blow all plausable structures. Be such a pain in the backside that they will never forget your name...a solo troll can be a force to be reckoned with.
  8. old player returning worth it?

    Most of what the guys above have said is true. Depending on what Ark experience your looking for is also dependant on what performance you'll recieve. Lag seems to be better on unofficial if ran on decent hardware, official is just plain old aids with regards to performance. I can only speak from my own personal experience but i've seen many people leaving due to alot of issues on the whole. I suppose if you get a close group of friends on a private server you'll have lots of fun...apart from that i wouldn't bother...that's just my opinion though so take it as you will.
  9. Turret change discussion megathread

    I've read through all of these threads over the course of a day or two...fact is that people are leaving in droves and the only traffic you'll see are noobs and die hards who refuse to accept Ark has been on a downward spiral for a long time. R.I.P. Ark my old friend, i may revisit one day but for now goodnight god bless.
  10. Turret change discussion megathread

    I would even say 5 to be fair.
  11. Turret change discussion megathread

    I do and i have and go no where near the lag a huge base with 250 dinos in it makes. I suggest you find a server without 250 ping.
  12. Turret change discussion megathread

    I play on my own server so it doesn't really effect me either way. Make a super base with turrets then make one without and it makes absolutly no difference to server's the hordes of dinos and the huge amount of structures that the game has to render that causes server wide lag...fact. So i'm all for structure limits being reduced as an alternative...and if you want to play sim city well i've no opinion on that😉
  13. Turret change discussion megathread

    You do realise 100 turrets on even a mediocre sized base is very easy to cap? Lets all just chuck stones instead eh.
  14. Somebody may have succeeded in geting the oblisk cleared by moderators in game as they clearly state that the oblisks should not be blocked...only thing i can think of.
  15. Turret change discussion megathread

    Really? Wow the mind boggles. If this is the case then i believe turret damage should do 2x damage or even ignore saddle armour to a flat percentage. The odds are already stacked in a well prepared raiders favour...this will just make that gap even more obvious. RIP official pvp...i fear more people will turn to unofficial as the devs make even more rash changes.
  16. 24/7 Island Pvp Player Dedicated For Xbox 1 in need of some population. Hi guys and gals Killa here trying to recruit a good population for my private server. I've had my server up for almost a year now, i mainly started it so myself and a few buddys had somewhere to play with no hassle...we were sick of joining player deds only to find that the admins closed them at a moments notice leaving us looking for new homes every few months or so. After playing on our own for a while i feel it's time to open it up to the public so that we can get a good comunity going...something thats been lacking on most of the servers of late. There is only one admin and that is myself, i am only here to help and to ensure fair play across the board...i will not be raiding. Instead i will try to promote an enviroment where you will feel it's ok to pvp and if you get wiped i will help rebuild...i feel it's an important part of the game and a fun part at that. It's a mildly boosted server aimed at giving generous resources whilst retaining some of that grind that we all know and love. Rates are as follows. Taming x4 Hatching x10 Maturing x3 Xp x1.3 Good stats for players, boosted slightly. Nice chunky stats for tames. Stamina is set at 0.7 in favour of staying airbourne longer. Turret damage is x5 to accomodate higher health. All resistances are doubled for dinos and players are at 1.6 the norm. Looking forward to surviving with you guys, please ask if you need to know more. My gt is Killa Mr B XB1 and the server name is Killas Ark. I will be posting rules in the ark club i will be setting up...joining is required. Many thanks once again.😆
  17. Looking for more survivors to join Killas Ark, mildly boosted whilst retaining the grind we all know and love. No active admins on the server...come join for boss fights, cave runs and the spot of pvp if thats how you roll. Chilled relaxed server looking for chilled relaxed survivors.
  18. base location?

    You running solo?
  19. Loot crated

    Yes mate i'm having the same issues...soooo sick of seeing saddles and clubs😳
  20. Looking for more survivors to join Killas Ark, mildly boosted whilst retaining the grind we all know and love. No active admins on the server...come join for boss fights, cave runs and the spot of pvp if thats how you roll. Chilled relaxed server looking for chilled relaxed survivors.
  21. Bumpity bumpity bumpity bump bump bump😈
  22. It's xbox hosted so no slot cap and there's frequently 10 people on but would love to see more.
  23. I need my Thames back!!!!!!!

    I feel your pain bro, and this is why i don't play official. Hope you get some joy from the devs.