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  1. Taming A Saber

    Yeah just use tranq darts instead.
  2. Taming A Saber

    Try using tranq darts instead of arrows😊
  3. Feeling absolutely gutted

    9Just shoot the pants off them everytime they step out of their doors...if nothing else it's hella fun watching them run around like headless chickens. Make 50 shields and drain one side of their turrets then run up and c4 a massive hole in their that annoying itch they can never ever scratch. Make many 1x1s with the essentials for a skirmish...such fun can be had making their lives hell.😉
  4. Feeling absolutely gutted

    If you play in xbox come to Killas Ark, it's pvp enabled but breeders and traders are a welcome addition and will be protected as such.
  5. Durability

    83,000 really? Thats crazy...yeah i was thinking not modded lol.
  6. Durability

    Hi everyone, was wondering what the highest durabilty shield engram is that you've seen/heard of. I have a mastercraft metal engram with 8647 it good in your opinion?
  7. Hopless Game

    Holy smoke...did you build on quicksand😂
  8. Still looking for players to come join our server. Tired of official and in need of a home...
  9. Quitting - Devs can't fix simple issues

    "Ark Evolved"....from a potato😳
  10. Quitting - Devs can't fix simple issues

    Does this work on player ded?
  11. Quitting - Devs can't fix simple issues

    Lol this is so true...not even sure why we all still play this garbage. But we keep coming back, only ourselves to blame eh.
  12. EU PVP 65 official Ragnarok DDOS

    So sad my friend...this is why i play my own server.