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  1. yeah it works when i try to load it on ASM but nay on single player, are you using S+ mod?
  2. are you using ark server manager and mods? can you share with me the save file so i can test it on my client?
  3. Transfering Dedicated server saves to single player saves Hi all, first of all i did post this problem on bug reports but not get replied yet, it is not possible now to transfer the dedicated saves to single player now? i've follow the instruction how to convert it around google but no method work yet one of them its to change the arkprofile to LocalPlayer when i load the game i got this error when i try to delete the Theisland.ark on the saves folder (im using TheIsland map as test) the game can load but only my char its loaded the map its empty tamed dino,structure,stuff its not loaded you can try it from legacy server backup https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/server-backups/
  4. kentaru

    OSD Bugged

    Its complete but still locked
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