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  1. TLC 3 Has there been anymore news with TLC? Gonna be with the new DLC and dino or?
  2. I am having the same exact issue. In the ocean, Arctic too! Ark is literally unplayable, right now!
  3. Sulfur or ore maybe? and a crapton of it? Keep that body hot!!
  4. Could it be those crystals?? What if the heat is too dense, or it's in a cave for fliers and fliers aren't useable, could be interesting
  5. Magmasaur new egg tame!!
  6. Can you go look at the Genesis steam page, like everyone else?
  7. I mean.. I think Ark needs them. The game is in a healthy state still, nowhere near dying (just putting that out there, so no one thinks I'm saying the game is dying). Why I think Ark needs them? It gives you some challenge in the game. Caves are okay, and bosses are okay, but if they can give us engaging activities, like the OSDs in extinction, I think it will only benefit the game. Engaging and difficult content keeps players playing. It also gives variety! I imagine they will be optional, though. So long as everything is implemented at least DECENTLY WELL, I am excited. The thought of Din
  8. The game isn't dying, and less...activity...?? I checked, 67k players online. The game is still very healthy. Once Genesis releases, it will surge again to 90k+. If you want a better time, go to unofficials. The developers, they do care. I'm not gonna say they are flawless, but they give a lot to us, when they don't have to.
  9. I really don't understand why you all are doing Mysterious Mysteries for already revealed content...
  10. Meaning wildcard can never keep their deadlines, Archaole lolz
  11. Go look at the Ark Genesis store page on steam, it is delayed til January. I find it funny because they had four months after announcement and now they delay it again. There is never enough time for Wildcard to release an update or Expac on time. It just baffles me.
  12. Ark Genesis delayed til January Imagine Wildcard delaying their 4th expac when they had 4 months already before it was announced, lmao.
  13. What about something like a herd hunt, random points in the week, a herd/pack of -insert dino here- spawn on the server... and people could fight over who tames the matriarch or alpha.... these big bull trikes/rexes, or matriarch mammoths may have great breeding stats or something of the sort.
  14. Boss Invasion: Simple. Just make it to where a random boss, or multiple, or all of them, spawn and try to destroy bases. Always thought this game needed a mode as to where the whole server had to band together to fight a common foe. Many can show off their battle prowess, and their prized dinos. Make it difficult, with good rewards for killing it. Skins maybe? Tools, gear, something. Seasonal: Make there be seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter. Spring and fall may be easier times, whilst Summer is hotter, and makes dinos more ornery and hard to deal with, whether it be wild or tam
  15. Thanks for the reply @Jatheish, Holding tight. Very Excited!! Looking forward to the new content! You all have done very well with this game. Thanks WC!
  16. Something very, very simple I want. New Non-Transfer servers. Lolz
  17. Any word on Extinction? Or a TLC 3? A few more dinos really need a TLC pass.. hope you don't just leave it as it was. Great work, though, guys!! Keep it up.
  18. I really like this idea. This would definently make me want to go out and tame spiders.
  19. Giganotosaurus: Everyone's asking for it. Lolz. I just want to see a texture and model update. Right now, it looks like a plastic toy; If you don't do anything else with the giga, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, give it a texture and model update! Thanks guys, keep up the good work!
  20. Bronto: Could use a model update and possibly a stomp attack, or like it'll rear up and smash stuff. Megalodon: Maybe a grab feature, can shake things, bigger size, touch up on model slightly, Just make it useful. I will keep adding things, as I think of em. Just trying to help.
  21. Trike: I forgot this one, but Triceratops Horridus was quite the fearsome foe. I think she could use a gore and charge attack, I think she should be a lot tankier, especially from the front. Give her moe HP and stamina. More weight wouldn't hurt, too. I'd like to see her as more of an endgame tame, rather than a beginner tame. These were fearsome and territorial creatures, even to other herbivores. She could use a model update and maybe a color update, the frills were a bit more flashy; for instance, when males would brawl, their crests were thought to fill with blood. I'd just love to see a l
  22. Parasaur: Maybe an alarm call, (detects intruders or enemies) a little buff to swimming, more weight, and speed. Raptor: Pounce/Latch possibly, maybe like a slash or stab, because of the big claw; needs a bit of work on the model, it looks so meh compared to the other carnivores. Giga: Model and color overhaul, just looks really basic. Gigas were pack hunters, maybe give em a pack buff, and they were in the bleeder family like allos. A bleed would be nice. Ptera: A touch up on the model; It had no teeth, and just has an ugly face. Mammoth: Maybe a charge attack, or a war sa
  23. I'd also LOVE to see babies, and nests that you can steal eggs from. That would be much more immersive!
  24. Hello, your friendly neighborhood Ark player. I absolutely adore this game, and glad to finally hear more on the TLC pass. Been playing since the beginning. This may be a bit long, I am an avid dinosaur lover, and nerd. And love this game. I would love to see this game go above and beyond. Even more so than it already has. But some of these dinos need more attacks, and new models or colors. I would really love to see Pack and herd mechanics. More attacks for each of them. Maybe, a stalking mechanic?? For sabers and wolves maybe. And maybe a LOT of color and patterns for males, and not so much
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