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  1. Mdubb0303

    Wyvern help

    You may be watching older videos where you could still pump speed into tapas and argies. Your best bet would be to go to rag and tame up a griffin.
  2. Mdubb0303

    Doedicurus bug

    I never saw any changes to the doedicurus harvesting in the patch notes, so I'm assuming this was just tweaked in full release?
  3. Mdubb0303

    Doedicurus bug

    I'm not confusing it with an ankylo. Doed were the best obsidian farmers pre full release.
  4. Mdubb0303

    Doedicurus bug

    Our doedicurus is only collecting stone. It no longer collects obsidian for some reason. Is anyone else having this issue?
  5. Mdubb0303

    A better tranq weapon

    The long neck us essentially what you're asking them to add. A tek tier tranq weapon would likely be way out of balance, it's already pretty easy to knock out anything in the game.
  6. Mdubb0303

    Login Que

    Yes please!
  7. Mdubb0303

    Rexs on Ragnarok

    I seem them all the time near blue ob
  8. I get locking it on official if that's the way WC wanted the game to be, but I agree that unofficial servers should have the option to unlock it.
  9. Easy solution. Go to a server without a mega tribe. I've never come across a mega tribe, alphas sure, but not a tribe with thousands. There are plenty of servers out there. Find one without a mega and get good.
  10. I think a Ragnarok (fantasy) type boss would be neat. Like cerberus, minotaur, or a behemoth. Also, an underwater boss fight could be interesting. Hydra, kraken, or leviathan. As for tames, I wouldn't mind more fantasy creatures on ragnarok, pegasus, chymeria, and cockatrice come to mind. More under water tames would be nice too, like a water wyvern (leviathan/hydra?)
  11. Mdubb0303

    Oil pipelines

    My thoughts exactly. Well said.
  12. Mdubb0303

    Trading Menu

    I really like the idea for a trading post as well as a trading option. The post could be where one could trade tames via a beacon type upload system (no idea if that could actually work), whereas the player to player trades could be implemented for item trades via the radial wheel. Posted from my SM-G900V using ARK: Survival Evolved Community App
  13. Mdubb0303

    Oil pipelines

    I see you point about making oil more convenient, but it also makes for one more thing to defend. Think if other people couldn't gather from your pump now because you have a pipeline, they would want to destroy it or just break your pipes to grief your tribe. Therefore your tribe would have to dedicate resources to defend that convenience. Posted from my SM-G900V using ARK: Survival Evolved Community App