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  1. I think this is insane! I transferred dino from RAG 70 (the server that lags is crazy - I can go get a drink and the restroom to return to more lg) to RAG 42. If they rollback - I loose dinos!
  2. I thought the same thing until I looked at the bottom left and change from official to favorites?
  3. From what I am reading - there will be no connection between the clusters. I am just wondering if they are copying the transfer cloud from one cluster to the other? Here is there statement: Legacy servers will remain on a separate cluster from the new cluster, which means you will not be able to transfer anything between Legacy servers and the new servers.
  4. we won't, but it has been heard.
  5. This is very unclear! I will not stop playing the game, but there are a lot of QUESTIONS? It states as of 29 AUG at 1200 ET that everything will be brought down to take away 33% of the server not used and a whip will be performed to re-purpose those servers to a new slice and the present will be called legacy. It is recommended that you transfer from the 33% to a new one. What I get about support is that legacy will have limited support such as the new slice will have priority. I understand I purchased the in the testing phase and now that it is going official - I would expect a whip of all server since other games I have tested would have whips every major update. I am glad that I was part of the development of a really great game. Now, if only the servers that are in this 33% are being whipped (which I believe it will be all of them) and with the limited support for those that don't move to the new slice is not really good mojo! I understand that once 29 AUG at 1200 ET - there will not be any transfers for legacy to the new slice. Now for questions! 1. Can we place things in the Obelisk before this time and will it be available on any server (new slice or legacy)? (this would mean that the transfer cloud DB would have to brought over to the new cluster - probably not going to happen, but a good Q). 2. Can you come out and say that only that the only servers whipped are the ones on the list. (33% of the servers will taken down and re-purposed on the new cluster - these will be whipped for the re-purposing). 3. If there is a change and legacy is whipped also, will items in the Obelisk be retrievable? (Character and up to 10 transferable items). Thanks for such a diverse game with the additional maps! I look forward to seeing the future!
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