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  1. Correct. Any dino - like the otter, (that on 1x takes less than 24 hours to raise from Birth) - will NEVER get an imprint on anything over 2x Breeding/Maturation. It's math. Every 8 hours there is an imprint. Divide the 21 hours+ ~3min by 3 (for 3x breeding/maturation speeds) and you get less than 8 hours. There is no way it'll reach imprint timer so you can imprint it. I learned that the hard way. It sucks. Wait till it's 2x before you attempt something like an otter again.
  2. A friend lost his toon and another on his server lost their toon as well, on the same day due to transferring off and a rollback happening - just this past week. Each, same day, submitted a ticket and each received a different GM to help them their respective issue of being their only tribe member. The other guy's GM set an appointment up and within days that person was restored to their tribe & their imprints restored. My friend - his appointment is set for the end of May. Same situation, different GMs and (currently) different outcomes. And for my friend: VASTLY different probable outcomes.. in another couple of days. He would be happy to just have his tribe back & have a later date set to get the imprints back. Why is this like this?
  3. Painted Surfaces, Paint Brushes & Sprayers Altered on Other Maps Since DLC 1st off: I have filed a bug report concerning the affected maps I play on. I'm curious if others have had the same situation occur for them. Various paint brushes & paint sprayers are now black in color & are labeled as other items.Surfaces painted those colors have been altered to other, very different, colors. We even seem to have a few new colors in the game from ether the Genesis DLC (or a subsequent patch) as everything was correctly before the DLC.Brick turned OliveSlate turned BlackPink turned TanParchment turned SkyMagenta turned into a new puple-ish color that is neither Royal or Purple ( it is a rather nice color and I wouldn't mind it being added to paints)And then I've found a new grey color that isn't Slate or Black.. but I don't remember what color I had that item painted before the DLC, so can't tell you what it was prior to.Now I have to repaint my Island base because it's black instead of slate and the illumination lights are now Sky instead of parchment. This is irritating.
  4. A person on our Val server has this issue & can't use them either.
  5. NA-PVE-Official-Extinction458 These two tiles appear to be in a lower room of our outpost. The tiles are clipped into - but NOT fully covered up by - the game-structure of Sanctuary City. Game shows green if I want to replace the tiles.
  6. NA-PVE-Official-TheIsland49, PC I went to the XYZ coords on Dead/Carno Island and found only boulders. I broke the boulders looking for the pillar (before I saw that tribe logs had updated and decayed it) and found nothing. I'm guessing we had a ladder w/pillar where the boulders were & when they respawned it was covered up. Can't remember. The pillars w/ladders surrounding the XYZ coords were fine. Not sure how a ladder there would be considered meshed.
  7. Extinction 458 started doing this yesterday. Lost the Battle Eye tag and the mode says "PvP" when it's a PVE server. OUTAGE REPORT has been filed.
  8. My experience is only Official PC - and the last Alpha King we helped with, the Ice Titan would not "move" or do its attacks before the fight - though the other 2 were moving normally and performing all their attacks w/o issue. The Ice Titan was working just fine until they arrived at the arena for the King fight. They tried whistles, riding, whipping, un-claiming & claiming by a tribe-member.. claiming by an ally.. claiming by a non-ally. Last resort (because of the time involved).. was upload the Ice Titan then download it. (approx 10 minutes) Ice Titan worked perfectly for the King fight. Up-then-download has been a game process for a while, to "reset/resync" a dino. Cryo-pods are SUPPOSED to do the same thing - BUT... 1.) You can't cryo a Titan ... 2.) and using a cryo to "reset/resync" a dino doesn't always work as well (if at all) as a direct upload and download does. Hopefully this info gives you a working solution.
  9. We can't get it to work on any of our Official PC maps. At least not with things a character/toon has dropped. And it doesn't matter if we are standing back.. standing/hovering over it.. or crouching. UPDATE: The latest patch appears to have fixed the issue (Official PC) The range/radius is limited but it's now working!
  10. The lag, snag and snap-backs are still bad on 557. It's not as severe as yesterday or the days before - but it's still rather significant. I have made it across our compound a few times in the last 2 hours just to get hit with a 10-20 second pause & then suddenly find myself back where I started. It's not constant (like before) - but it's still bad.
  11. @lilpanda 557 is not quite playable. The lag iag and snapbacks.. and lag-slides are horrid. Any update would be great please!
  12. I was watching a tribe-member's stream and as you and the HLN-A pass through the area where the "note" is, there is a pulsing ring indicating that HLN-A has been triggered to release the information. The tribe-mate was not wearing a tek helm.
  13. There are no PHYSICAL objects/boxes/note-stands, etc for you to "walk over" or "open". If you do not have the HLN-A then you will not hear her babble about what "note" she is "reading". You need the HLN-A
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