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  1. you will never have the same hp dino, not the same equipment mega tribe ..your argentavis your ankylo will not be sure to come back alive from the farm.... stop imagine that the raid would be easy the raid would be a real bargain because your house will be a target / 1vs1 and you vs 99 player in the map Real pvp ... a lot of adrenaline ... as on pubg solo the error will be fatal
  2. +1 for solo would become too popular, wildcard will never do $
  3. Give us finally, solo server duo pvp I play pubg now, we have a solo mode ... ark not even what shame
  4. I play the AMD card, I have no problem ... Nvidia is the problem
  5. solo dreams ... ark takes the dust, I would end up with the uninstall never again mega tribe ... too much drama
  6. We and many people want it...
  7. talk about mechanics, Mana kill all my dino out of reach my turrets & jump in my 70 specix and kill all the rest mana can jump in 70 specsx, make a jump and save himself ... & jump again in and kill all Mana kill the game ...rip ark
  8. when server PVP solo duo ? ...RIP ark mana evolved
  9. Solo - no alliance - xp x3 - farm x3 - taming x3 - breding x2 - big deduction difficult boss only one regle : No build all The caves|if a player takes a cellar the bosses will be impossible All the games have a pvp solo mode, I meet a lot of solo player on ark, the gameplay and a hell The solo mode would also be a good tramplin for new players As I dream of official solo server I was one of the first to want the current small tribe, to give the solo ... the servers will be full Gravel 8000k of mega tribe
  10. UE pvp : 3 jouer max 0 alliance 100 dino max for those who do not want for a mega tribe experience & no lag 3 player as they can play solo can still defend against 3 player + this will be ,ot impossible on will have a big success so big cluster, many pvp skill 3vs3 a lot of player waiting this dreams
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