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  1. mmart

    crossark bug ?

    now i'm stuck on one map and i can;t go back to my main base on another map
  2. mmart

    crossark bug ?

    Hi, I have linux server with 3 maps running in cluster shared settings as described in wiki. I can transfer to another maps upload dinos and everything is ok untill I add new mod. When i do this i can upload dino but i can't transfer my character. There is error sauing that i have some item which i can't transfer. I even tried to transfer naked without enything and there is still error about some item that i can't transfer . Is it bug ?
  3. Wait till new DLC and new bugs
  4. Fix with registry setting helped me, but now i can't access this fix because it was removed
  5. But in this topic was solution to ark crashing, it helped mi with my old graphics card. Now as you closed topic with solution i can't use it. Can you paste this solution here? Even Jat mentioned this topic as help to ark crashing on twitter
  6. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/233109-ark-crashes-with-unreal-engine-exiting-due-to-d3d-device-being-lost/ i can't find it and i want solution with registry settings which helped me
  7. mmart

    Are we ill? Why do we even play this game

    Try subnautica
  8. i think that there is no breeding. I tried to breed bunnes with no effect.
  9. Snail Games bought Wilcard Studios in 2015. It is the same company.
  10. mmart

    Pro-level server maintance questions

    On linux use systemctl metod described in wiki, ubuntu 16.04 has steamcmd in repositories. On 14 i had to enable systemctl and install steamcmd.
  11. mmart


    Not exactly different, https://mmos.com/news/snail-games-usa-acquired-studio-wildcard-developer-of-ark-in-december-2015
  12. mmart

    Valentine's Day cake.

    This is my friends jerboa breading pen, after 2 days he found one golden egg which is event chocolate