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  1. It looks like she is in the nest in the dossier if you look at the top you see one larger then the rest, sitting down. She looks roughly "only Dilo size ."
  2. Another disappointing Mysterious Mysteries....or should I say....Infuriating Mysteries.
  3. Haha Titano mod? I'm pretty sure with the resources it requires to take down it is just a gigantic walking piece of scenery
  4. Thanks guys for the dev kit! So this means creatures already in core Ark like the Allosaurus and Gallimimus can be imported in?
  5. I think this thing is big enough to drag away and eat all your paras....
  6. Nice! Anyone though have the link to where it says Troodon will turn on you sometimes?
  7. I think it's just a highly stylized, "Ark-ized" Lotosaurus.
  8. Hopefully it takes the place of camels so we dont have stinkin' camels in Ark
  9. That poor guy who built that nice cozy little log cabin in the middle of the woods.
  10. Do you play with any mods Jat? You know of Radical Remake?
  11. Is it me or does the dossier hint at an oceanic expansion.
  12. Thank goodness! I was expecting when the hint was said that the creature begins with M and ends with S to be a horse.....phew Great dossier Wasn't expecting this!
  13. Those Salmon filets in the dossier are making me hungry ?
  14. Very cool! An ungulate with the behavior of a primate ? man...ark just keeps getting odder and odder.
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