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  1. I'm all caught up. thanks guys!
  2. Around 1600 local our official server 549 kicked everyone. I couldnt log back in. Server selection screen seemed to be stuck at 44/70 connected, even this website wouldnt load. Once we were able to log in our baby and juvenile quetzs were dead. all food troughs were magically empty even though they were full before kick. the other babies and juvenile rexs and argys were ok. other tribes reported the same, gigas dead etc. Anyone else have any issues?
  3. This article helped me a lot: https://arkmemesandmore.com/how-to-raise-a-baby-wyvern-solo-on-ark-survival-evolved/ The key info in the article is the math to know when the wyvern actually needs to eat. Take the current food value, times 10, divided by 60, divided by 60 again. The result is how many hours until the wyvern actually needs milk. once you see it climb to 15.6 hours it's a good feeling. off to work or bed and know that you're done making milk runs.
  4. Ark Turkey Trial Event 2017

    The more I think about it the more I like that. All those capped tame servers would have room again.
  5. Looking at the gamepedia site...it says a wild giga sprints at 1682. Tamed equus is 965. How many level up points or total speed % is needed for a mounted, tamed equus to out run a sprinting giga?
  6. oh yea that would be amazing. I have my first wyvern and spend minutes trying to jump on the darn thing.
  7. Ragnarok and Legacy Servers

    Getting into the performance IT mumbo jumbo now. Will the new servers provide better technology to mitigate rubber banding and random disconnects? My level 90 can burn if that's the case.
  8. Ragnarok and Legacy Servers

    Good enough for me now!
  9. Ragnarok and Legacy Servers

    I'd like to know too. but if there is no support for legacy that still sucks. I'm on xbox and there aren't Ragnarok servers now so I don't see why they would fire up legacy servers. I've been taming and gathering materials just to xfer to rag. Now I'm more upset I can't transfer my level 90. That's the worst part.
  10. The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    Just to clarify this part: "Any existing server that is not considered a low pop server and is not taken down will become a Legacy server. Legacy servers will remain on a separate cluster from the new cluster, which means you will not be able to transfer anything between Legacy servers and the new servers." So I've been grinding materials and taming dino's to move from the island to ragnarok. This is not going to be possible is it?
  11. Need smaller Dino Gates

    Wider gates would be awesome. All of the small mounts could just run through. Something 2 high, 4 wide perhaps.
  12. Mating Animation

    no. I shouldn't have to explain why.
  13. Tamed dino info list

    oh man wouldn't this be nice. I'd love to see that.
  14. Rain Re-work

    I don't like it. Rain isn't white like that. Right now it's just constant streaks making it hard to fly like you said. Now if you got a flashlight equipped gun out, I could see it being that way.
  15. This happened to me all the time. One of my base walls was a cliff. I know that was my fault but it got annoying until I lined the cliff with spike walls.
  16. Industrial smoker please!

    yep. that sounds awesome to me. I don't like having 4 smokers taking up space and resources. Maybe that's just me being lazy.
  17. Difficulty of Each CAVE

    I would agree with everything DomiDarko said. Swamp cave I take lvl 270 frog with melee dmg at 360% and have a good time. Always have extra armor in the frogs inventory. BUT I do take a good shotgun or long rifle for the Arthropleuras. They make it much more difficult now. But if they hit me I just back up, grab more armor, and shoot its face off. I also cannot speak for the Snow Cave.
  18. hello from 642

    Good morning ARK! I've been playing ark for a little while now and it is time to explore the forums. I am on Xbox 642 for now but looking forward to Ragnarok. getting some posts in so I can take advantage of trading. looking forward to talking you all.