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  1. Ragnarok spino spawns

    I think this was a case of careful what you wish for we did ask for more spino spawns if this is what we get better not ask for giga spawns that would be really bad.
  2. Change The Evo Event !

    I agree they are very last minute on alot of things and inconsistent with time lines
  3. Bad holiday events

    I would have thought after the failure that was the Halloween event they would go a little further with this one not less one extra day on a normal 2x weekend does not seem like much of a event for Halloween we at least had the buffed drops even if most of the time you only got skin it was a nice attempt at a bonus.
  4. cant download dinos

    i uploaded a couple dinos last night and get download them now they are in my creatures tab but when i hit download then one of them highlighted nothing happens. i have tried drops and a tek transmitter
  5. The point of playing ark

    I might be alone but I like the grind and random parts of the game it makes it satisfying when you do finally get what you are looking for
  6. What's your main land mount?

    wyvern 80% griffin 10% different resource gathering dino 10%
  7. Auto-decay claiming way too much.

    i have had problems with it but not to that scale i had one foundation in the middle of my base auto decay once with tribe mates on i think it might just be a glitch with the system that one item did not register the log in but for a big chunk of the base that is really weird any chance no one stood on that part because that could cause the items to update that way
  8. rag giga spawns wierd

    i know that they added a spawn at green obby but has anyone else gone a week with out seeing a giga some times the only time i see good spawns is after a dino wipe and then there is almost always 3 on the map i have killed the low lv ones to try to get high lv ones to spawn but it fells like a waste because even then it can take days for another one to spawn i fell like there should always be at least one wild giga on rag it is alittle disheartening to wait days for one to spawn and it be lv 40.
  9. i dont think it will be as big as the last one i hope that there are more servers added after the fact and not the mad house it was the first 2 days after the new servers.
  10. New Giga Spawns in the Game Yet? [Rag]

    It is live sadly I think rag just needs to have a min amount of gigas on the map at a time I fell like some times it is days in between spawns still
  11. OMFG!!! Every day !

    I had a run-in with one of them a little while ago I just moved my base to a more dangerous area and have not seen them since
  12. server repurpose list.

    I feel like this list is going to end up having more people playing the new servers because of choas that could come with his and the raid it will cause on the servers that are not getting wiped.
  13. PC to PS4 Crossplay with new servers?

    i dont think it will be a good idea there have been games that have tried it and many have failed the big problem is aiming and addressing that is very difficult sadly a mouse is just better for aiming then a joystick and that is not even taking in to account mice with more then one dpi setting.
  14. i am a new player but i feel like the 2x on the weekends is nice i dont have a lot of time to play and the 2x on the weekend is really nice to allow me to try to catch up to the server but saying that when servers reset i do hope that they dont do a 2x of 3x for at least 2 or 3 weeks to allow the more decated tribes to grow first.
  15. Ark with new hardware

    sadly hard ware is always behind the curve the resolution will scale to what ever you want as long as you have the hardware for it and i dont think it is an optimization problem but more to do with the nature of the game and how much can be going on at once i dont have anywhere near the hardware to run at anymore the what i am 1080p epic but i am happy with that and i dont feel i get that much worse frame rate then other games.