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  1. Litreally insane. Not being able to host our own server on xbox was a smack in the face by wildcard even at release. It's something that has been promised since xbox release. I was flabbergasted when it got pushed to september, I was livid when it was pushed to october, both times without any apology or remorse, just a flippant, oh hey by the way, another month. Now that it's pushed to November, I don't even care, guess why not? It's a dead game. It was dead before it got released, it's more dead everytime you release an update or expansion. You might get a slight jolt, but you failed to deliver too many things and didn't properly impliment your servers. I wish someone else had made this game, for all its potential but you'll see, abberation will be a flop, and the gamers will be more outraged by delivering and chaging for not much more then user made content and it still not operating properly. Also what about all those things you promised to us at release like kibble and ai reworks, but pushed off due to your quest to make money with abberation? They pushed off further? or we just gonna forget about them? You always claimed to have thsee magic other teams that couldn't work on the things we needed and that had to be fixed because they were working on Scrotched earth, yet now when aberration comes around we can't have another group filling promises?
  2. Wow, just wow, I feel like deja vu here. We literally just finished dealing with the drama and bull crap you git's at wildcard put us through release, not even a finished freaking product and you only need a little more then a month to finish this dlc? Was this another example of "working simultaneously" like scorched earth? Even though you kept using small studio and pushing for release as excuses for the myriad bugs and issues we dealt with, all the while you had a team off to the side making this expansion? Is this not exactly the same thing that had you ruined on steam? Literally we yelled and yelled and dropped your reviews to reflect your garbage company and still you do it again? poop at least lie, which we know you guys are good at, and say november, then release in october. Instead you just slap our faces and set a date you probably hAve no intention of keeping... I've said it at least 20x now while fighung your fan boys, you are a terrible company who made a good game. Sell the engine and go away.
  3. So I read through that and unfortunately all I hear is excuses, not complex logic being applied. Months of tickets means they don't have a proper administration team, which is just part of owning a company and providing a service. If they cannot properly provide that service through the means they have, they should be outsourcing, hiring more staff, or finish providing players with the means to do so themselves. Even upon release xbox is still unable to host via pc, and it will be months before they will be able to do so without renting an overpriced server that I'm sure wildcard is being given kickbacks or discounts for exclusivity. Wildcard has grown, and their game was more successful then they thought. Therefore, keeping up with that is difficult im sure, but again thats part of running a business and if you cannot keep up with the growth, then you are bad at running your business, it really is that simple. No amount of excuses of "focusing on release," "can't keep up with tickets," whatever is going to change the fact that all of that is in their hands and can/should be fixed before they "release" their product. Wildcard is pushing for release in a few days and are still delivering an unfinished and under administered product and instead of holding up to their promises, which is really the key to this all, they give us their word they won't delete servers, they will release features, they will provide support, and then bam, realize their business is bad, and instead of taking responsibility for their mistakes they change the plan and make it so people won't want to play on the servers they promised to keep around or get rid of the SE servers those players travel to in order to lower the quality of life of those servers until people leave. I don't play offical, because wildcard has shown they have poor management skills since the beginning and I don't want to set myself up for that kinda heartbreak. However, as someone who has sunk more hours then I even want to think about into this game, I do want to see this game live up to its potential. Or at least the engine. I just don't have faith in wildcard anymore and have adopted a I'll believe when I see it attitide towards everything they say.
  4. I don't think you read any of these posts. People have counter argued your point countless times now. You are acting like you know what's best because of your simple experience. Most people aren't upset about a wipe or starting over genius, just about the misleading and downright lying wildcard has done. We made investments based on promises made. Be they time or money they were invesments. We are investors/stockholders and they are giving us false numbers to get more investments. If this was the stockmarket the fcc would be all over them.
  5. You make valid points but you try to act like everyone is in your boat, a fair porton of these people play pve, where they aren't dealing with bullying. So I'm not disagreeing with you, I'm simply say in you are failing to look at this from other people's point of view. Pve players who were told servers wouldnt be wiped have pUT thousands of hours into building bases and breeding dinos. Or at least given proper notice if it was gonna be taken down. You can see why they would be upset. If they worried about raiding they wouldn't hve spent that time, if they thought wildcard would give them the shaft they wouldn't have spent that time, but promises were made and time spent.
  6. Where did you get this statistic? I'm complaining and don't even play official servers... so definitely not in an alpha tribe. Doesn't mean I'm not upset at wildcard for once again failing to uphold their end of a promise to their consumers.
  7. I think it's also pretty amazing that this thread is now one of the hottest commented announcement threads ever, in just 24 hours, and still not one word from the development team with any word for the countless upset customers. The best we get is a pre-half-hearted apology as literally hundreds of people sit here condemning the lying being done by @Jat and the team about release dates, server support, and deleting of more servers then told, with less reaction time then told, and that's on top of directly saying they wouldn't be messed with before that if they had a population.
  8. What? My comment is very much anti wildcard. I'm talking about the ability to host private dedicated servers with either a rented pc server or host our own on our own pc server. Because I didn't want to fall into this situation of being wiped or succumbing to the whims of wildcard so I have avoided the official servers. Between pc and xbox I'm sure I'd be in the running of top 100 of time played. So I'd really like to know how im bending over by being upset that wildcard screwed us over and hoping that future games that use this engine or ideas do better then this garbage company.
  9. Nope, you are dumb, wildcard is a terrible company that made a great engine... I really wish I could take back the 3 copies of base and 2 scortched earth I bought early on based on the premise and promises made. They fail to meet any deadlines, promise and fail to deliver time and time again and we are stuck with them now. I just hope the other games that use this games ideas turn out way better like Dark and Light. Mid-september to do hosting on private servers for xbox. Hah, it was already a bullpoop move we didn't get it with ps4, don't tell me it's Microsofts certifixation process, you knew what you had to do and the time is would take, but to "release" the game and still not support this feature is one more huge slap in the face to you customer base and you should be ashamed.
  10. "No business is perfect in everything" sheer dumb luck woulda made them accidently hit a deadline at this point. I'm not even moaning about the fact that I can't host my own server on my own pc, that supposedly won't be available for till fall, I'm pissed because I can't even pay an over inflated cost, by a partner of wildcards, that I'd be willing to put money on they are receiving compensation or a kickback of some sort from. Which is supposedly sitting ready, at least that's what jat said 2 weeks ago. Ps4 and xbox ready but xbox is waiting on certs from microsoft. So yeah im upset that I can't even get the backwards, dumbed down, version of what they have promised us that is meant to cow us.
  11. Wow, really, should I start quoting from the past arc digests over the past year? It's been promised at least 10x and we were told it would be released at the beginning of July with the game.... which didn't happen. So basically you are just a fan boy who is so wrong it's laughable. Actually only one time and the most recent does September get mentioned at the release and it's the latest that has been mentioned.... you sir should keep your mouth shut when people are trying to call out a company for their inability to meet deadlines, since that's what consumers are supposed to do to company's who make millions of dollars on them, especially when many promises remain unfulfilled and bugs exist in a game that is "ready for release." If you want to continue with wool over your eyes and allow yourself to be lied to and taken advantage of, that's on you.
  12. Well yeah, if it releases as it should on the 29th it would be available in September, but for wildcards integrity and failure to deliver on time, I'd hope it releases on time, the 29th. And using the certification process with microsoft is not an excuse. You know you have to certify, plan that into the timeline or keep your mouth shut.
  13. Xbox One rentable servers will be making their way to ARK in September I'm sure this was just a mistake and what you meant to write was on Aug 29th. As it was already supposed to be here and is a function of a fully functional game, which I know wildcard wouldn't "Release" a game that isn't fully functional. I'd really like to play this game again and refuse to do so till I can host via pc.
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