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  1. Sn1per0

    Damn pirates!!

    Make a support ticket. Not sure but it might fall under grieving/blocking
  2. Sn1per0

    Xbox official server question

    Legacy servers have no support anymore and if player count gets to low they delete them. I'd move to a new official
  3. Bump Active population of 30+ and 60+ on weekends.
  4. Sn1per0

    Weapon Damage

    There is no cap on dmg that I know of. And yes the higher the dmg on a longneck the more torpor it gives. same with crossbow and even bows. hell might even work with epic sling shots lol
  5. You need to find the right unofficial. We are on a cluster of 5 maps with the main map being Rag that averages 50 people on the weekdays at up to 100 on the weekends. Oh and it doesn't get deleted. Not sure what servers you have tried but I have not seen many of the ones you are talking about.
  6. Sn1per0

    Server tame limits!

    With pve being an after thought on what they imagined the game yo be (pvp) I dont see them using many resourses to find a fix, actually, not sure how to even fix and issue like this. Anything that might help alleviate storage tribes would only make it more inconvenient for "real" tribes
  7. The server is a nitrado cluster Xbox server. The server name is 40X BOOSTED INSTA TAME CLUSTER RAGNAROK. The cluster includes ABERRATION , the ISLAND, RAGNAROK and the CENTER. It is 40x insta raise and insta tame. max population of 100. The max Dino level is 300 with max wyvern egg 350. If you like a certain base location just notify an admin and he will clear the base location if the player has been offline for a while. The cave damage is 12x and fuel consumption is almost nothing. Come join the server and fight for alpha. Join the discord if you have any questions and if you join the server https://discord.gg/Afa99rQ
  8. Sn1per0

    The Island - Dino Levels

    I totally agree with this. Just one thing that makes the Island harder than the other 2 maps, cementing paste. On Rag/Center I can get thousands of CP in no time due to the beaver dam spawn, where on the Island dams are not as plentiful giving the frog more use.
  9. Sn1per0

    Major Update at key playtime nice one

    Made me lol. Anyone who has been on these forums long enough knows that even if they did change the patch time there will always be someone who comes to the forums to complain about a patch time that was inconvenient for them. In turn, the people complaining about the times now will then say ''well it wasn't at peak time so you shouldn't be complaining'' yet, it may be peak time for them leaving their complaint justified? Bold strategy indeed.
  10. Sn1per0


    When you go to land your flyer but instead of landing on the flat spot you picked it wants to turn around and land in the water instead. Or better yet you fly for 15 seconds and goto land then realize you are stuck in a server lag and jump back to only land in the water.
  11. This happens all the time. It is the easiest way to find bugs, glitches and problems with the overall game. Would you rather pay 20 people to test the game and MAYBE find the bugs and glitches or release an unfinished product so the fan base can play, test, and come up with ideas of what the game needs or doesn't need so they can be implemented and fixed.. Sounds like a no brainer to me edit: Think about it this way. When the game releases you basically received a 50% discount by purchasing early