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  1. You realize this just means new more OP breeding lines soon enough now that stam is nearly useless, right. No point having 'wasted' points in stam pushing you towards the level limit when you can crank your health, damage, and speed even higher instead. The heavy scaling stamina costs of the repeated dash were holding it back. A excellent quote to illustrate my point. It didn't balance it for crap, it just ticked off people who enjoyed how fun they were to ride. Everyone is just used to this crap from WC and either gives up or leaves. It's a game, it supposed to be fun. Good job nerfing fun if that was your goal. Whatever, WC. I'm done talking to a wall. Maybe I'll play, maybe I won't. I was planning on spending a good bit of time on the game for the holiday event, this crap irritated me so much every time I tried I don't think I even got 2 hours in since patch. Great place to leave customers you're trying to sell more content to.
  2. Yes, superior mobility is the preferred focus and improves it's ability to do the rest, but mobility alone is almost nothing. The Mana is the end game mount for the most current content, it being 'the best' in and of itself isn't the issue, it becomes an issue when there's not even a contest anymore. And again, the mana needing balancing isn't even the question, the question is if this change is a positive for the game. Does this change help balance the game? Not really, it does very little to limit the mana in the areas it ruins. A PVP mutated mana can still boost into someones base, cause havoc and losses, and boost back out with little risk. If you can find a blind spot in the defense you could even spend a little time doing some real damage. Does it Negatively impact the game? Yes, for many it severely impacts how much they enjoy using the mana, and I'm not even talking about pvp, but I'm sure many people enjoy mana pvp as well. One of it's biggest issues is dash boosting too fast for turret tracking, and this doesn't slow it down one bit. Another is it's damage output, being able to appear out of nowhere, do a massive burst of damage, and disappear again. This one is mostly a scaling issue. A tamed mana at most ranges is actually poor dps, but due to the severe damage falloff with range scaling they implemented, along with how well its overall damage scales with levels, means a high damage mana at ideal range does massive damage. Combine that with excellent mobility faster than turret tracking, where turrets are virtually the only option for defending a base offline. You mention the speed stat scaling nerf, another needed nerf. Also a mostly successful nerf, as you say, many pvpers still pack speed, it's the favored stat, but now it's a choice. You have to invest in it and lose out on other stats rather than just throw a modest number of points in there and be too fast to hit. Does it need another nerf? Maybe, I don't pvp enough to say. Was it an improvement to the game? Yes. Please don't put words in my mouth, I made no statement indicating it should have a free pass on mobility, I even indicated a nerf on it was acceptable in another post. Perhaps my choice of words wasn't the best. I did say this nerf is not the change it needs to be balanced, and is not an improvement to the game overall.
  3. At least the flyer nerf completed most of it's task, it prevented a number of bugs and exploits that revolved around cranking speed. It could have been done another way but at least it got the job done without having a totally negative impact to game-play, there were pros and cons. I never protested that nerf once even if it was inconvenient. This one doesn't even accomplish anything positive.
  4. Thank you for not being completely close minded like so many have been, but I do disagree on a point here, mobility is the one feature of the mana that shouldn't be in line with it's peers, as mobility is it's main feature. When you balance a specialty it should suitably exceed any peer that does not share that specialty focus. The biggest current problem is that it scales too well with mutations and ends up excelling too much in too many other areas as well, combined with poorly tuned changes to it's breath damage that result in an extremely broad damage range that allow it to go off the charts with some focus and abuse. Edit: Also, I was not saying "you do have to balance with the tames best state in mind", the statement was in dispute of someone stating it as reason behind the change. I fully expect the time and effort put into breeding to give an appropriate return, that such creatures be substantially better.
  5. Funny how I've agreed with nearly all of that, and yet people keep pushing it. Some even bringing up the bug they introduced that gave them Massively OP dive damage that had to be immediately patched into it as if it's somehow another reason this nerf was a good thing. The whole point I've been trying to make is that this change Didn't do the job, the Mana needs balancing, but this does not balance it. All it did was make it less fun and more annoying to use, it still does all the OP bits it did slightly differently. It just ticked people who enjoy the mana off by making them less fun to ride and unable to get a few places on extinction. The limit should be reverted and the Mana properly balanced. The dash shouldn't benefit from MS, it's land and water MS needs a bit of a nerf, which I'd be fine with if they fix some of the other issues with mana land movement. The dash needs further adjustment, but this isn't it, this didn't make it slower, it just changed the movement pattern. Heck I'd even be fine with reduced jumps/strafes/dashes if it wasn't for how heavy handed they were with it. It's like the only tool they know how to use for balancing is a sledge hammer. When they made the Stamina usage change it was annoying, but was I here over it? No. It's airborne ability needed limiting and at the time it did a fair job of it while still retaining the play of the creature, it just didn't complete the job - accounting for mutation stacking. On the topic of Managarmr on Aberration? I 100% agree they don't belong there any more than they do in the old boss arenas. People claim the change needs to stay because the Mana is still too fast, I'd say that's exactly why this change is a failure - it negatively impacted play yet It did not have the required balance effect. Gee Wiz, the Mana is 20% too fast, let's nerf the fun by 30%, make it frustrating to use here, here and there, and reduce it's speed by 1.5%... There - balanced, pats on the back for everyone, and if anyone complains we'll just ignore them until they leave, we don't need them to buy the new DLC anyway. Not directed at you really, but too many of the people seem to be all over this thread pushing to keep the change just because it's a Managarmr nerf, not to fix anything, not to make it balanced, not to improve the game. Just to hurt it in some way because someone used one to eat their favorite dodo or steal their Christmas present.
  6. As far as those bosses go, Managarmr shouldn't be eligible for those, and if WC missed that it's their own fault. People keep going on about OP this and OP that, when it's not even relevant to this topic, this topic is about the movement change. It has nothing to do with it's damage, how fast it is, or how tanky it is. The dash/strafe/jump cap didn't make it move slower, kill slower, or die faster. It's the same for almost every 'pro-nerf' comment in the topic going on about the same crap, that matters zilch. It's like voting for rexes to have the 'poop roar' nerfed because they do too much damage to bosses. As has been said repeatedly, yes the Managarmr has problems, yes it needed and still needs balancing. The jump/strafe/dash cap is not effective balancing. It didn't make it less OP, it made it less fun and unable to access portions of it's own map. Imagine you put weeks of time and effort into a gaming pc, got it just Perfect. Great frames, incredibly quiet and stable playing at maxed settings, best fun you ever had in your favorite game. Then two weeks later the card's firmware updated itself - framerate and resolution arbitrarily capped. No explanation, no reason, just a 'we're monitoring the situation' and silence.
  7. Yet you don't see them balancing rexes based on maxed out bred boss lines that do insane amounts of damage with equally crazy hp. Flat out, this honestly seems to have more to do with the new content coming than any attempt at balance, it's far from the first time a popular creature suddenly got slapped down shortly before new content came out. They've always been rather bad at balance, and the movement change did basically nothing for balance. It just made a dino from a vertical heavy map go from quite good at it to almost completely incapable. Power creep can be mitigated, they have control of the scaling stats to reduce it if they so choose. That's not what they decided to do.
  8. Mostly because they couldn't balance them correctly, many of the nerfs they made just made them more annoying to use, not better balanced or less exploitable. There's nothing wrong with the creature design itself, it's the tuning.
  9. On the top of the inventory window are several icons, one should be for tooltips, which includes crafting requirements Edit: that's on pc, might not be quite the same on xbox
  10. Thank you, and most of that is valid, but isn't what this thread is about, as I said the change being disputed here doesn't fix that issue, it doesn't make it slower, do less damage, or be less tanky. I've not seen any comments here about the " Reduced Managarmr ice-breath exponential damage scaling by approximately 20% " change. People are annoyed about the movement change that makes them less fun to use and unable to access parts of extinction they used to be a solid mount for. And then there's some that whine, but you'll get those with every change. Though I might argue the rock drake bit, I still prefer rock drakes on Aberration, just wish they'd fix some of the bugs they have. And I still use my Wyverns on most maps for creature pickups and scouting, being able to hover and all that.
  11. To me the worst thing here is that they didn't even succeed in lowering it's capability outside of rather specific cases, they just ruined it for that and made it more annoying and less fun to use. It can still be abused in pvp, and even was being abused more just after the nerf and they had to fix it's pounce damage, it can still cross the map at extreme speed, they didn't change it's health or breath damage. It sometimes seems like they are sticking to their guns on the more silly nerfs they do out of spite for the vicious angry backlash they get from some people. The mana needed and still needs balancing. This is not a balance nerf. This is a mistake, and if the devs can't see that.... I don't know, maybe I'm playing the wrong game. That said, since it was brought up, I don't blame them for the flyer speed nerf - it was needed, but I do think that could have been done better as well, for example does everyone realize it buffed every other stat for future flyer tames? Most knowledgeable breeders likely do. They eliminated points in speed on wild fliers, so more points going into useful stats and more extreme high stat bred flyers even before mutations. That should have been applied to all dinos and stats balanced around it, slightly more work then but more consistency going forward.
  12. Now you're just making yourself look bad. I haven't seen one person here claiming the change should be reverted because it slows them down or their damage is too low, or that manas are weak in any way. There are a few going on about how they are 'ruined' or 'useless' but that's ambiguous as to what they mean and mostly exaggerated complaining. I used Manas to quickly move around vertical heavy areas I found awkward or slow with other dinos, and for that this nerf renders them useless. I Have repeatedly stated that the mana breath damage at close range is very good, even too good, and when posts were made about the dive damage issue I agreed it seemed far too high, but I don't generally use manas to fight, I have better dinos for killing things. As far as reducing it's air speed, as I've already said the speed stat shouldn't effect it's air dash, and it can be reduced other ways that don't impact it's usability in general. Many people are complaining because it makes them less fun to use and makes some areas of the map they are native to, and used to be a good mount in, inaccessible. And yes there are people whining without even trying to use them, but don't use that as an excuse to dismiss and ignore the valid complaints, all you do there is give PvE players reason to do the same to PvP players as 'whining PvPers who got killed by xxxx and cried nerf'.
  13. This is getting nowhere, a quarter of the people in here are either trolling or their mana use is none or limited enough that the movement change has no effect for them, half are pushing full revert, and a few are throwing tantrums. What this change did is make mana use in its native map useless in many areas, much of the city towers people built bases on are outright inaccessible. For mostly open terrain they might as well have done nothing, you can jump dash land repeat basically as fast across the map as you could move before for less stamina unless you hit a cliff you can't jump up quickly. This does little to stop people on manas from jumping raptor claus gifts rapidly, it just means they follow the terrain a little closer. So if you're claiming this change is good because they were too fast you might as well be quiet. Same for the ones complaining about dive damage, nothing to do with the change this is about. Even one complaining about not liking them because of how bad they are to use on the ground so the air nerf is good, what sense does that make. Really what bothers me about this change is how heavy handed it was yet again, 1 dash seriously, even 1 more dash/jump/strafe would at least be reasonable, and the same effect could have been attained without an arbitrary hard limit which makes stamina basically useless on the creature, that's a lot of wasted points on my Managarmr Now I have to level all new ones. I was about to do some mutation stacking on them but I guess I'll be skipping stamina now if I even bother with them at all. I used my mana for quick short trips between towers/bases with limited cargo. That it did well, and now it can't do it at all. If you want the Managarmr land bound fix it's blasted land movement! It could serve as a solid land transport if it could actually move reasonably across terrain that isn't perfectly flat and cleared.
  14. at release they were too strong, and then got some buffs a movement nerf was needed, some levels in stamina and they could stay airborne across the whole map a range nerf was needed, they could melt the desert titan just standing on the ground under it and blasting a breath damage nerf was needed, if you could hit your target for full damage with a melee leveled mana the damage output was quite high what happened was a reasonable movement nerf an excessive range nerf and the damage wasn't really nerfed as much as the range being further nerfed with the damage falloff with distance more nerfs after that but they were still playable and apparently some people still think they were too strong and they nerfed them again, so clearly it didn't work and they are negatively impacting it's usability Lets be clear here, I've not protested them nerfing it's damage in the slightest, I'm not against further movement nerfs if needed, I'm not saying their dive attack isn't broken in pvp right now. My claim is the current hard limit is a poor choice of method to nerf it's movement and effects the play-ability of the creature, the range nerf they got was slightly excessive, and the extreme damage falloff vs range on the breath caused more harm than good. Describe what i see in the clip? At a glance mana dive damage does look broken, though it's hard to say for sure with no damage numbers, a limited clip showing just the kill hits, and basic or no saddles on the targets who look to be mostly random tames (literally called 'TAMED' or just the creature name) on a possibly modded or custom setting server, need to supply more info than just dropping a 7 second clip. Someone could make a clip like that with a melee leveled ptera. The high level stegos dying 1 hit just after the low level randoms does suggest the mana is hitting hard, but no way to know without knowing how they are leveled. Guess I need to find some time to do some damage testing with combat text on.
  15. I will first say I appreciate that this effort is being made to remedy this issue, I play with a handful of mods and have spent a fair bit of time breeding for stats and mutations and would like to avoid losing those efforts. But I would also like to say that better preparation could have prevented this issue in the first place.
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