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  1. I disagree completely. We built up a pretty decent base on Rag and have done so well, we're building a secondary mining base.
  2. The season pass is discounted for everyone who bought SE.
  3. Ascending through the Arks is part of the story and how you progress from Ark to Ark. Secondly, what a bunch of ungrateful whiners. Like holy poop. WC's release of Ark is no where near as bad a No Man's Sky or the GTA 5 online play fiasco. Grow up and be a little patient. Let's count off how many games WC has ever released. Oh, that's right. One. How many of you can execute a flawless release on the first time around?
  4. I'm having this problem too. I'm kinda livid.
  5. That's not entirely true. We have one guy that all he does in breed badass god-level thylas. He's at the point know that's he's just breeding them to get colors now. It's all in how you want to spend your time if you're able to get into a good community.
  6. I've been playing that long. I never duped. I receive zero satisfaction in cheating.
  7. I've been playing for that long and I'm not pissed. Wash myself in the blood of my enemies.
  8. Honestly, I really don't feel like it's the "large portion of the player base". You guys just happen to be the overly vocal minority. Everyone that I play with will be abandoning our server for the new officials. Everyone. And our sever isn't even on the deleted list. We're all looking forward to the fresh start and fresh blood.
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