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    SAVE FILES!!!!

    SAVE FILES!!!! I had taken a break from playing let say 6 months. Valguero drops, i check it out, bring my character over, scout the map, set up temp F.O.B steal 4 145 dein. eggs. Try bring back to my island breeding base, character deleted, ark inventory empty.... Ark uninstalled... Halloween event arrives.... Reinstall ark, go through tedious process of reclaiming all my dinos and bases from most of the maps. Get dein eggs hatch on scorched (to cold on island/wanna see dodowyvern ). Cryo 5 babies into ark upload...... Get to island.... Ark uploads empty.... FML... ARK FIX THIS S*** PLEASE... Is it possible to have a save point so if travelling to another Ark you save before uploading anything and before leaving. That way the s*** that is vanished after the transfer doesn't just magically disappear forever. It is at least still on the previous map save file
  2. I have been playing S.P. on my PS4 and i have also noticed getting stuck on the edge of foundations while transitioning from a foundation to regular ground, (so far its been Tek bridges, Tek foundations, Metal foundations, Rocks and other items). This also never happened before the last update, seeing as i have no access to the beta i don't see that being the issue.
  3. This also happened to me on my Single player yesterday. I was on Extinction and uploaded my character to a city terminal heading to Abberation to re-unlock my engrams, but when i got to Abberation my 105 was gone and it was asking me to create a new character. I hope this is fixable because i can no longer access any of my bases across the maps...
  4. I would like to know what wildcard plans to do on ps4 about the constant rubber banding pings of 150+, rendering issues, constant disconnecting from the servers, long wait times to join servers especially on the weekends, etc. Etc... I mean I love Ark because of the uniqueness that it is but I am getting sick and tired of the problematic bs that it consists of. I much rather play singleplayer because there is no problems but that poops boring now seeing as I have to take my ass off of S.E. and restart on the island which i have played 100 times over in order to advance to other maps... Genius idea by the way... I almost refuse to fly because I get kicked and fall to my death and I refuse to go in the ocean cause I get kicked and either drown or get killed by the many different threats awaiting to eat my face off.. Is there anything that can be done by you guys or should I just quit is what I would love to know... From a very undecided Legacy... P.S. not playing those stupid servers btw these are the fresh ones I am talking about.
  5. Loving the new reveals, I have only one small suggestion is it possible to make the A.C. units pincodeable so they can be shut off when not in use. My hatchery room is above my base workshop and they are very noisy, would be nice to get some silence once and a while. Other than that I can't wait to see the new map and new creatures coming soon. Love the game aside from the ddosing looking forward to playing with real people who don't have to cheat to have fun... Keep up the great work.
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