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  1. @Jen Anyone know how to change the structure pick up timer on PS4 nitrado? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Agree meshing for you all on officials is real bad. The mana isn’t the be all end all of dinos. titans aren’t a simple tame, when transferred they aren’t useable for all that long. If your base is half decent it only speeds up the process for the tribe raiding.
  3. I completely understand that, the lack of info on anything in this community crunch was a let down. i wasn’t ever expecting to see s+ as a beta on console. More of a rough eta from the team. Is the beta finishing soon?
  4. Any insight as to when consoles may see structures plus?
  5. Meant more like abberation. Only non abberant versions of dinos could go in.
  6. I’d like to think all these tek dinos have a use, possibly only dinos allowed into extinction?
  7. Go back to the beach bob, yeah the parasaur is lame, but no such skin for bronto or anky. all that’s left is trike, mosa, giga and quetz
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