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  1. Just got my first snail, and as Sir Squishy levels up I have no idea what to put his points in. I didnt see any suggestions on the wiki, unless I overlooked it. Is there something that increases its paste production perhaps?
  2. TLC Procoptodon & Gigantopithecus

    I read the suggestion for Giganto as 'super quick hands' and was picturing them jazz handing That is an interesting idea. I wouldnt go so far as to give them say, a sword. But something pretty simple, and maybe only if you keep rewarding them for doing it. Like, they wont be your worker unless they get their fair share of veggies or berries.
  3. More crops/cooking update

    There are lots of fun things that we could plant and cultivate and cook for neat effects or just for fun. We have beer, so it doesnt seem too far fetched to consider wine. We could grow grapes and choose to be able to use them fresh, or ferment them for wine. Plots that need to be filled with water for rice, flour to make breads. Fruit trees we can use to make an orchard. Imagine using a mesopithicus or archaeopteryx to go up and knock the fruit down for you! We could have some sort of nut producing plant, perhaps even with nuts that need a certain dinosaur to break open in order to be eaten? If possible a few more pictures to choose from for our custom recipes as well.
  4. Stethacanthus- Looks this thing up. It's so odd looking! Very strange prehistoric shark that would be a great addition to the oceans!
  5. Dino TLC in Progress: Direbear

    So far this one is my favorite. That's one beautiful bear!
  6. Any Cool Mutations?

    Lol, it would be fun though if physical mutations could be something in besides color sometimes. Not sure about multiple heads but, say, different shaped antlers on a deer, or stubby tail on one of the cats.
  7. Brachiosaurus. Was my favorite as a kid. Make them not necessarily the biggest dino, but the tallest. Deinogalerix- this was a giant version of a hedgehog! Still tiny by Ark standards but can't you Imagine prehistoric hedgies shuffling amongst the bushes ^^ Titanotylopus- prehistoric camel. Great for scorched earth!
  8. Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    For me the ones that stick out needing their models updated are: Compy: This little guy always looks sad when he's on your shoulder He seems to get a little choppy in his movements sometimes too. Add some more details to his tiny body perhaps. I like the floppy feathers on their heads though ^^ Plesiosaur: Like several other people the face is the part i'd recommend changing. Perhaps make a longer snout, smaller teeth, and less ... crazed, looking eyes.
  9. Dino TLC in Progress - Ape

    Yeah, this guys face looks quite abit more intelligent in the newer model
  10. Im kind of hoping the little compy gets some work done. They always have this sad little look on their faces when sitting on your shoulder I think
  11. This is why we cant have nice things

    Yes I havent bought SE. You had me all excited there for abit
  12. This is why we cant have nice things

    Weird. I click that link and it still shows only 33% discount for me.
  13. This is why we cant have nice things

    On steam the season pass is showing up as $30.14 on sale? Where are you looking?
  14. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Though we still have more expansions in the future to go can we still expect to see the odd creature or two released every so often for the base game afterwards? I know there are quite a few dinos that people are still hoping to see on Ark someday
  15. Mutations?

    Im surprised at the lack of unicorns with pony tattoos on the hip honestly. But...black sheeps!