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  1. Hosscat

    ARK Extinction Trailer Discussion

    Nah thats kinda how I feel too. Im not saying the extreme sci fi wont be fun. But the whole reason I bought Ark was for the dinosaurs, the more 'survive amongst nature' aspect. Seems we're slowly going away from that. But hoping for the future they cultivate it abit more.
  2. Hosscat

    A message to Wildcard

    It's mostly the fact how many people have seemed to take issue. I know the majority of comments I have read on twitter have not been pleased. If that many customers are not happy with something a business should at least take note and do things differently in the future. yes, if just a small handful were fussing then pay no mind. But I was rather surprised at the number of people posting in disappointment, its enough to take seriously at least.
  3. Hosscat

    A message to Wildcard

    If people are upset that is their right, same if they are happy with the content. I agree that it was given a rather large welcome wagon considering what we got. Not to say the little bone piles arent fun, but it seems most people were excited to finally get new dinos in our dino game. Like i've said before the skins are not the same as the actual creatures. They are pretty yes, but it feels like we're dressing up the old critters and not having new ones, which is in fact, the case. Not new ones to see running in the wild, to mutate colors, etc. I dont think species should be used as skins until they absolutely have no more ideas on how to utilize new animals, and if they are out of ideas already that is a little worrying...
  4. Hosscat

    My thoughts on the Arkaeology Event

    I think, from what I feel and reading the complaints of alot of people, that if they had of just went ahead and made these creatures you could see in the wild instead of skins people would be satisfied. For me they dont even need special skills, just having that variation wandering around to change things up is nice. As of now it kinda feels like instead of getting to say, 'this is my brachiasaurus', its 'this is my dressed up bronto'. Just my 2 cents.
  5. Hosscat


    I rather enjoy the scary weather, or more precise, feeling secure when I make a base to combat it. It feels somewhat rewarding making a safe place for you and your critters. I wouldnt mind heavy rain storms with lightening, the occasional tornado. Blizzard. Perhaps on a special map where the weather is very extreme so people can choose to play there if they want to experience that instead of just implementing it into the island or other maps. I can imagine holding on to an archaeopteryx and swirling around in a tornado XD
  6. There is also the Dragon total conversion. It looks pretty neat too. I think there is plenty of reason to make more dlc. This story might wrap up, but there is still plenty that could be done. Expand the oceans, an ice age map. Perhaps a campaign mode even with NPCs. There is alot of meat on the bone still that people would be excited for.
  7. Hosscat

    How to message staff?

    Well, im posting here as I have no idea where else to post, as everyone seems to not receive private messages and the support section is game related. Sorry if im jumping the gun, but ive had issues with my email that is synced with this account. It took quite a few tries before I was able to get the confirmation email So, since I won one of the crunch contests on Monday but have since received no email im wanting to just make sure it isnt a case of the internet being wonky again. I hate to ask but if I could just get directed to who I would ask about this I would appreciate it. /)//(\
  8. Thank you for the contest. It was a cute idea.
  9. Hosscat

    Easter Egg Painting Contest!

    Thought I would give it a try
  10. Hosscat

    easter event EASTER EVENT 2018

    Yeah, I was wondering if the eggs are laid by the dodos or dropped when you kill them....haven't gotten any either way. On unofficial as well.
  11. Im thinking it would be fun if our special mutations could possibly be something beyond special colors. Say, a male deer with different shaped antlers (lil antelope spikes ), or bigger/more osteoderms on dinos, bob tails, etc. I remember way back playing Viva Pinata breeding for 'wildcard' (ironic eh?) pinatas, and they had physical mutations like this. It was alot of fun and made for even more diversity. Not saying replace the colors, but throw this in too! Maybe the rarest mutations could be color, stat and physical change
  12. Huh, weird. Me and my friend never saw a single valentine dino. We did use the -vday to get the valentine rates (we thought we had to do it that way for the event to work on unofficial). Im guessing the colored critters were on the rare side then?
  13. Wait, so the colors do show up on unofficial dedicated running the script then?
  14. Hosscat

    Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    Dodos should be able to help incubate eggs. Imagine one sitting on top of a rex egg, proudly helping keep it warm
  15. Are we able to find these on unofficial servers running the event?