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  1. Achievements for DLCs! Been crossing my fingers for a few years now, they're getting numb Thanks for letting us provide feedback. Appreciate that we get to chime in ^^
  2. Great ideas! I'm still hoping we get more eventually! ;-;
  3. Big Necro I know, but with new dlc on the way I'd like to get more discussion on this, and perhaps a Dev response if possible.
  4. Yeah, it's a game that could lend itself to quite a few quirky achievements. Not to mention there could be some added cosmetics or other unlockables for achieving them. We have ride the Giga and such, but no take a Unicorn for a spin
  5. I love hunting them, and sometimes in such big open sandbox games it feels nice to have something to 'work on'. Not to mention it would be nice to commemorate our accomplishments with the dlc bosses and such ^^
  6. And ovis stumbles upon some festive eggs with a small compy
  7. Dodos should be able to help incubate eggs. Imagine one sitting on top of a rex egg, proudly helping keep it warm
  8. So far this one is my favorite. That's one beautiful bear!
  9. For me the ones that stick out needing their models updated are: Compy: This little guy always looks sad when he's on your shoulder He seems to get a little choppy in his movements sometimes too. Add some more details to his tiny body perhaps. I like the floppy feathers on their heads though ^^ Plesiosaur: Like several other people the face is the part i'd recommend changing. Perhaps make a longer snout, smaller teeth, and less ... crazed, looking eyes.
  10. Yeah, this guys face looks quite abit more intelligent in the newer model
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