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  1. I fixed this by staying in the area of the resources for about 2 hours. This brought back the resources. I then set the resource respawn to 0.0. This will respawn resources instantly. It feels a little cheaty but as long as you don't give into temptation and farm the same rock over and over, it's ok. My guess is that nodes stop tracking time when the player leaves the area. This is very silly in a single player game.
  2. After months of headaches, I seem to have managed to fix this. I removed all tek/metal 4x walls and the locking up stopped. Does anyone have a base with mass amounts of 4x walls? Does it cause you this problem?
  3. Single player resources don't respawn Resources (mostly metal nodes) refuse to respawn after hours of play time. There are still metal nodes missing from when i got my first pickaxe! I've done my research. I've changed sliders, rendered the area while AFK for hours and so far 3 or 4 nodes have came back. Is there any guaranteed way of fixing this? Why is this still a problem? Most the posts i read dated back to 2017/18. This is actually game breaking...
  4. Forced to restart after leaving base I've had this problem since extinction was released. I've been waiting patiently for it to be patched but nothing yet. I load up the game and spawn in my base. If i unload the base (fly/walk/teleport/fast-travel) and attempt to load it again, my game freezes up and I'm forced to reset. Sometimes i'm able to leave and come back 2 - 3 times before this happens. But thats only if i logout away from my base and any structures. The same lockup will happen if i simply run from one end of my base to the other. The constant loading/unloading will
  5. Unable to switch between snap points. Unable to place objects while in orbit cam. It takes you out orbit cam before placing. Have to switch back to controller for building. Edit: Can't use mouse wheel to scroll any inventory. Can't find a way to zoom object while in paint object menu. "Equip all from folder" option does nothing. Mouse keeps resetting to the top-left randomly and after searches. Keyboard shorcuts disable after a search. Have to click with mouse to enable them again. Suggestion: Disable PS4 on-screen keyboard.
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