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  1. I choose not to click that link, I'm happy to wait til tomorrow. Playstation leaked it early, but only AU. Probably got the time wrong but still, we should probably just wait til tomorrow and not click that and be spoiled early.
  2. Comparing how it looks as of right now to screenshots I took earlier yesterday afternoon, I'm not seeing anything different- it's still the elemental biomes, unless I'm missing something small that changed?
  3. Something easy to miss here about speculations concerning Arat Prime is that we know where it is from the explorer notes. It's not on mars, and it's not on the moon. It's on Earth, on the other side of the planet. Diana Log #19 (Extinction) These titans remind me of combat drones. This control center has tracked their general migration patterns, and to my eye, they're almost like troop movements. When they decide to swarm something, they come from all over, like something's commanding them. Not to mention they spread Element everywhere they go. So basically, before the Reseed Protocol can be triggered, the titans need to be eliminated. Normally I'd be all gung ho about an impossible mission like that, but the number of titans we'd have to take down is nuts. Mei and I might be a killer power couple, if I do say so myself, but even we'd die of old age before we ever made a dent in the their population. There must be something we can do though. I did find lots of references to a place called "Arat Prime," off on the other side of the planet. Looks promising, but...well now isn't that interesting. Our favorite mystery being seems to think so too. Is that where it's leading us? --- Diana Log #29 (Extinction) We finished marking the last of the graves a few hours ago. It was hard to say goodbye, but having recently died myself, I know that sitting here and crying my eyes out for a week straight won't help them. Hopefully they find peace within that void, or something better beyond it. Now it's just me, Mei-Yin and the long road ahead. Well, and the faceless presence that's guiding us down that road of course. I've already started to feel the tugs pulling me towards Arat Prime. Not sure what's waiting for us there, but with Mei by my side and a dangerous mission in front of us, I'm just going to relax and enjoy the ride. I can admit that I'm certifiable for saying so, but this kind of life? It's just my speed. --- There could be a connection to Mt Ararat, which is supposedly where the ARK (Noah's Ark, specifically) landed. Given that we can be fairly certain of the name ARK:Genesis at this point, we are probably going to Turkey, and we might well have some pretty mountains in this upcoming expansion, assuming the mountains weren't plowed down by the catastrophe on Earth. We'll have to see!
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