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  1. " Everyone will be able to visit and enjoy the world of Aberration before 2017 is out." So in other words, December. Probably late December. Way to go WC /s
  2. You should not promise a DLC release in a certain month if its still in progress. That is piss poor media release. They said Oct knowing good and well a lot of things needed to be done, and we all know how they stick to their deadlines ;). In every other game I play, when they announce DLC or an expansion with a deadline, that deadline is met. In fact they have the product finished months beforehand and often do a weekend beta test to get real player data and feedback. Then fully release no more than a month after a beta test weekend. Don't make excuses for their poor planning and poor m
  3. My server actually had the option to update and switch to Halloween, or just update with no Halloween.
  4. My shipping is $17 in Northern VA. I find it hard to believe yours is more than that.
  5. My shipping for standard UPS is $17. Where the raptor do you people live that it's $90?!
  6. It's going to be an exciting 24 hours! We hope you enjoy all the new content; we're super stoked to be launching Ragnarok on console and best of luck in the claim for land on the new servers! Reading comprehension.
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