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  1. There is no whistle command for landing flyers nor is there a breeding option like PC got. What is going on? Very frustrating. Also, anyone who's thinking about leaving a mean reply just because, please don't. Thanks!
  2. MajorFizz24

    Bring Crystal Isles To Console!

    Just saying it would be cool. This isn't a political debate so chill out people who just want to argue, okay? Good. Thanks!
  3. Next map should be Crystal Isles! Please bring that map to us after Structures Plus! Please...
  4. MajorFizz24

    Kaiju confirmed

    I hope the setting to make Titanosoar permanent in single player applies to the new Titans. I don't see it being a problem if you're in single player.
  5. Yeah, I'm guessing their priority is PC... It's unfair they pay less attention to console players. I'm disappointed but not surprised. I know that Xbox has a longer cert process than other platforms. Either way, it blows.
  6. If all the Ark devs added were the horizontal triangle pieces to console, it would change building for Console players greatly. Of course id love more S Plus features but those would be awesome.
  7. MajorFizz24

    Queen Bee - Taming issues?

    Has anyone tamed a queen bee on xbox one??
  8. MajorFizz24

    Queen Bee - Taming issues?

    I am having the same issue. I play on xbox. I've heard of zero people taming one on xbox one. On pc, people say they're able to tame. It must be a bug.
  9. MajorFizz24

    Queen Bee - Taming issues?

    I am on xbox but having same issue. Can't get any answers if its a console bug or not. Have Not Heard anyone tame one on xbox. On pc people are taming them fine.