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  1. So the actual state is still unkown and we are just waiting for the hammer to fall. From a economic standpoint its much cheaper/easier to repurpose legacy servers for the DLC, and the problmes on new official servers are easily solved....one wipe to clear it all.
  2. Sekretar

    ARK: Aberration Expansion Pack Announced!

    Looks iniviting, interesting layout. But we shall see
  3. Sekretar

    Learn to Make Mods [Official Modding Forum]

    Solid information to pass on...maybe i can get a frined to do me a mod for single player Thnx
  4. Sekretar


    Just some silly thing we do
  5. Sekretar

    Easy way to get High Quality Blueprints is Fishing!

    Good information, gonna build me a fishing pier