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  1. So the actual state is still unkown and we are just waiting for the hammer to fall. From a economic standpoint its much cheaper/easier to repurpose legacy servers for the DLC, and the problmes on new official servers are easily solved....one wipe to clear it all.
  2. Sekretar

    Ragnarok server overpopulation

    It was bound to happen, and do tell me, do you constant lag spikes even when you manage to login to the server ??
  3. Sekretar

    ARK: Aberration Expansion Pack Announced!

    Looks iniviting, interesting layout. But we shall see
  4. Sekretar

    Learn to Make Mods [Official Modding Forum]

    Solid information to pass on...maybe i can get a frined to do me a mod for single player Thnx
  5. Sekretar

    Interactive ARK Maps

    This has ark in modes but doesnt work for me
  6. Hi! So a quick introduction is in order i see. I started playing ARK last year around December, but work took most of my time so i didn't play much. I started again 3 months ago and i have been hooked ever since. i'm a chill guy, love to build things in the game and just having fun with ppl on the server. If anybody wants to have fun and hang out, we are a cool bunch on the official EU PVE server 423. Always glad to help out new ppl so we can all enjoy the game. Drop by or drop a line ...see ya
  7. Sekretar


    Just some silly thing we do
  8. Sekretar

    Easy way to get High Quality Blueprints is Fishing!

    Good information, gonna build me a fishing pier