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  1. Caused by old cryo pod storage - before WC added the tooltip stats which Im using to list the cryo dino data until I can work out how to find the ACTUAL dino data to read instead. Fixed by adding another check to ensure enough property values before assuming there are and reading in blindly.
  2. .. my trusty alpha tester does it again. Only just brought him up to date with all that I've been giving you guys access to and he already broke it! Re-uploaded with more checks just for you @121HEP ?
  3. Preview 7 now available: http://www.miragesoftware.co.uk/ARK/apps/ARKViewer_Preview7.zip or https://drive.google.com/file/d/1il1dQK1WxanVQeKKyZc0e_HMkj-_GC9j/view?usp=sharing Bug Fixes Refreshing a Map: Error when attempting to download from FTP server that doesn't support a file time command. Now defaults to download time as a fallback. Settings: Error when leaving settings screen with single player selected but no map. Fixed by disabling the single player option if no map can be found. Reported by @mjfro2 Settings: Added checks to the filename when using offline mode to ensure it exists. Copy commands: Added 250 to the Z axis for any commands that involved x,y,z. Hopefully wont get stuck inside objects you teleport to now. Features Added basic cryopod data tab. Added copy commands to Wild, Tamed and Cryopod tabs. @mjfro2 & @Norlinri I will continue looking into what other detail I can get from the cryos and complete the other items on my list. As usual please let me know if you find any issues or think of any appropriate feature additions. Thanks MirageUK
  4. @mjfro2 - already on with adding copy commands to wild/tamed tabs. Seems you all think alike - it was another one requested by @Norlinri Stuck home waiting on an Amazon delivery today so will spend some time putting it all together - any other commands that might be appropriate for tamed/wild creatures tabs?
  5. Sorry for not putting out an update - been investigating inclusion of cryopod tame data over the last couple of evenings and believe I have now worked out what I need to change on the toolkit to include this data. Should have an update before the weekend is over to include cryo pod tame data. So I've not discovered how to reference the original tame to find the actual points allocations etc but it's easy enough to get the "summary" that is displayed for the in-game tooltip when hovering a cryopod in inventory. Gives you a simple overview but not accurate points etc that you get with non cryo tamed creatures. Will try get a sample to show you all this evening (UK).
  6. @mjfro2 - I'm assuming the error is due to my viewer only listing steam installed single player maps so you have no single player map to select in the drop-down. - Presumably due to you running Windows 10 edition and not Steam? I will have to add some code to disable single player selection if no single player map can be found and included in the drop-down.
  7. @mjfro2 - that line of code is attempting to determine the selected single game map and looks like you might have selected single player option but not selected a map? I will add some checks around that code to ensure that a map is selected when I get home from work this evening. Thanks for the info.
  8. Preview 6 now available: http://www.miragesoftware.co.uk/ARK/apps/ARKViewer_Preview6.zip Alternative download location (my server appears to be running crap atm): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1il1dQK1WxanVQeKKyZc0e_HMkj-_GC9j/view?usp=sharing Bug Fixes Crash when attempting to view structure exclusions before a map has been loaded. Reported by @Norlinri Crash when attempting to parse colour used in some tribe log entries. Reported by @arkland Copy commands prefixed on structures tab but not on players. Reported by @mjfro2 Features Enabled the tamed dino inventory view. Added config options to allow selection of prefix type for copy commands. Reverse lookup. Clicking on the markers on the drawn map will now attempt to highlight the selected item in the appropriate grid based on tab selection. (Wild/Tamed/Structures/Players). Requsted by @Norlinri As usual any issues or requests just let me know. Cheers
  9. Thanks @arkland - I will check that error when I get home this evening and get an update out with a couple other bugs that have been reported.
  10. Cheers @mjfro2 The bug you found is actually that the structure tab copy commands DO prefix with "admincheat". I intentionally removed it from the player tab and should have also done so with the structure tab to make it easier for people to choose which prefix they wanted. @Norlinri has her server setup so that users can use chat commands - which use the "cheat" prefix and have no access to "admincheat" commands. I will add an option into the settings for the next release to allow people to choose a prefix for copy commands:
  11. longest bit was re-working the maps to a more natural grid so they all aligned to 100x100 in a 1024x1024 image. Don't have to mess about trying to work out different calculations for different maps then - no offsets etc. The map you provided was actually pretty much spot on for the grid so nice and easy replacement - thanks for that.
  12. Minor update - http://www.miragesoftware.co.uk/ARK/apps/ARKViewer_Preview5.zip Improved accuracy of map markers on all maps. Replaced Valguero map with the one provided by @Elgar
  13. @Elgar the ftp export/import will allow the server admin to select what tribes/players the end-user will be able to view and the passwords will be encrypted so that only the program knows the true password. It will allow semi-real time access - dowloading only the tribe/profile data you have set to allow them and the last save game (we have ours at 30 mins save so can be up to 30 mins out of date when doing a refresh).
  14. @Elgar I sure can - the Valguero map was provided as part of the toolkit I use. I'm not very graphical myself so just used what I had. I will include your map in the next update - not sure when that will be at the moment though.
  15. Preview 4 now uploaded: http://www.miragesoftware.co.uk/ARK/apps/ARKViewer_Preview4.zip Bug Fixes: "Selected" marker remained from previous tab when changing to a new tab. Structure list was missing storage based structures: Storage Cupboards, Vaults, Smithy, Chemistry Bench etc. Structure exclusion list was missing storage based structures: Storage Cupboards, Vaults, Smithy, Chemistry Bench etc. Performance issue making multiple un-needed calls to re-populate the Tribe/Player/Dino and Structure lists and re-drawing the map. Changes: Seperated Wild and Tamed creatures into their own tabs. Allowing the tamed tab to provide tribe/player selection. Added "Counts" to each tab list and moved the TOTAL wild label and made the size consistent with other count/total labels. Added new "Player Options" tab in Settings page. Allowing you to hide any tribes/players from selection with no: Placed Structure(s), Tamed Creature(s), Body Location (Dead/Uploaded) Added 3 new copy commands to the Player tab allowing for: SetPlayerPos, TribeStructureAudit and TribeDinoAudit Added map markers for the cave entrances on Ragnarok. Work in progress: Improving the accuracy of markers on the drawn map to better match the lat/lon - they're a little off atm but was good enough for what I needed. Removing the player dino view as it is now easy to do in the Tamed Creature tab by filtering to player. Completing the Dino Ancestory views. Completing some settings features that are currently disabled. Completing the server ftp export/import so users can be given a copy that only allows their own tribe/player views. Working on the underlying toolkit to see if I can get cryo pod tame data. Seperate out the "items" from the "structures" in the item map and allow users to add/edit both. Continue adding as many item/structure map names as I can.
  16. Quick test spawning in a couple on Ragnarok and the viewer does seem to pick the drakes up no problem. Either I've accidentally fixed it in this dev version or you don't currently have any on your server map - maybe cryo'd? Just working on the vault bug now and will upload the latest build.
  17. Rock drakes should already be displayed if any exist? I certainly have no restriction on them and have them displayed in both wild and tamed lists on my Aberration server. I will look at spawning some into a Ragnarok test map to see if they are ignored somehow. Vaults/Storage Boxes should be included and is a bug that they aren't - I will update in the next release this evening. I do include them on the player tab if you click on Player Inventory button - you can see all storage for the selected player/tribe. Additional commands - I can certainly add more appropriate commands so open to suggestions from you guys
  18. Just a quick update to let you know I'm working on splitting the wild and tamed lists so that you can select tamed by tribe/player as per another good suggestion by @Norlinri I have already split out the wild creatures and have that working. I just need to finish coding up the tamed tab tonight with a new release for you all to test tomorrow. Thanks again for your support.
  19. I was able to reproduce by deleting my config.json file and reloading a fresh copy. The error is caused by my lack of checks and assumptions that you have already selected a game save and that the save was loaded successfully. Obviously a fresh install will ALWAYS be in this state so I have now added further checks to ensure that the game save is loaded before attempting to access any structure information. New build now available to download @ http://www.miragesoftware.co.uk/ARK/apps/ARKViewer_Preview3.zip Windows 10 edition should be an interesting test actually - I only have the steam version and so have coded the "Single Player" dropdown selection based off the steam libraries you have configured (checking registry). Windows 10 - I assume will still work if you know the save file location using the "Offline" option and browse the save file.
  20. Thanks @mjfro2 - that does help. The D drive is where I code and compile it on my on my own machine and is irrelevant - the import part is the "at ARKViewer.frmViewer.LoadData - Line #" That at least gives me something specific to look at when I finish work this evening. Furhter update to follow once I fix it. Cheers
  21. I have re-uploaded and included some debug symbols and a generic error handler since I was unable to reproduce the issue on my own machine. http://www.miragesoftware.co.uk/ARK/Apps/ARKViewer_Preview2.zip Can one of you please give it a go and let me know the error details that it reports (if any)? Thanks in advance
  22. Sorry guys - bad update. You can use the previous release for now until I get chance to investigate after work and get a new version uploaded, Previous build is still available from http://www.miragesoftware.co.uk/ARK/Apps/ARKViewer_Preview1.zip Sorry for any inconvenience.
  23. New update available following testing - and bug finding - by @Norlinri Based on her feedback the Structures tab will now display tribes/players it can identify from structures instead of the reverse. This allows you to still select/view structures that might remain AFTER a player and/or tribe has left / uploaded from your server. Also fixed a couple of bugs which would crash the app. Download the latest build from: http://www.miragesoftware.co.uk/ARK/apps/ARKViewer_Preview2.zip
  24. So all went to plan last night. We gained an additional support player so went in with 4 players. 1 ridden Mega Mek, 1 ridden high level normal Mek with rocket pods, ridden Ice Titan, ridden Desert Titan and aggressive/high targeting non-ridden Forest Titan. Idk how many Gigas, all non-ridden - but they didn't do much more then provide entertainment when they were slammed and thrown everywhere by the King Titan. Made the silly mistake of throwing my tek suit into the Desert Titan after beating the King to save my gear... then didn't bring the Titan closer to the floor before dismounting - looong fall, instant impact death!! Doh! Luckily we have a small outpost up there so was able to re-spawn in a bed and get to into the light before the cut-scene started.
  25. More what I plan on doing in ARK today than what I have done. We have a planned mission tonight to bash the Alpha King Titan on our Extinction map before the server is re-purposed for the new Genesis (when it finally lands). We tamed all the other titans earlier in the week and managed to get each at Alpha level and have a decent MOMI (megamek) to go ahead and mighty morph our normal Meks (power rangers). Just short on players this time with only 3 of us - so hoping that we can still pull off a victory. I'm gonna be flying high and safe on the Desert Titan, one on the Ice Titan and another in the Mega Mek - using whistle commands to get the Forest Titan to tank the King and with a highly in-bred army of Gigas to take up any slack and help out with the element veins. .. then I'm back to working on my save game viewer tool to increase the accuracy of my map plotting and some user experience tweaks based on user feedback.
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