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  1. Version now available. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wfIlbzFGSPIjG4aRz21zC7wsQsKkpmEj/view?usp=sharing Features Addition of CCC co-ords to right-click export command on appropriate grids. @wizeone Addition of "isMating" to the command line json export of tames. Basic mod map support for Alemia Created my own chart control to use on the tribes tab to prevent crashes experienced by @wizeone Others Removed explicit security protocol list to allow OS to decide best one to use for FTP connections. Hopefully resolves some issues @Shodan has been experiencing. ... and the first to react is one that I've not actually considered yet in this build. @pleinx - still have to get you your offline players into tribe views if possible. I've not forgotten about you
  2. Back on it guys - bear with me. Work in progress: Remove explicit config of "security protocols" when using FTP to allow the underlying OS to decide the best protocol to use. Hopefully resolves the issues experienced by @Shodan Add "isMating" to the tamed creature exports. Can't remember who asked for this one but adding it in. Replace chart controls on Tribe tab with a different charting library. Crashes experienced when viewing Tribes tab @wizeone Add basic support for mod map "Alemia" Finally - @pleinx. Still investigating the possibility of adding the "offline" / uploaded off server player names etc. to the tribe tab and exports. Maybe later in the week if I get chance. Updated build should hopefully be ready to upload later this evening or tomorrow morning before work. Cheers Mirage -- update -- After implementing it I wasn't happy with the chart control chosen and had difficulties saving the image and making the legend appear as I wanted. Decided I'm going to write up my own basic chart code to do the job. Will take me a couple more days to drop the update now though. -- update 2 -- So far so good - main chart, legend and mouse-over tooltip implemented. Some UI improvements and should be good to include in ASV by the weekend. -- update 3 -- I'll get it into ASV and get a build done for the weekend.
  3. We finally got there - and it wasn't a problem with any save data. Looks like my code only implementation of the chart controls on ugprading to .net framework 6 is bad. Currently investigating alternative chart controls - may have to disable charts until I can re-code that section. Update to follow later this afternoon / evening.
  4. Map size is irrelevant but maybe something within the save that it doesn't like or expect. I thought that I did provide my dc number? CyberMirageUK#7623
  5. @wizeone Nice try but that's blocked until you reach so many posts Not sure why you can't just add me on discord as a friend regardless of shared channels though?.. to be fair it's been a hectic week at work so I've not had chance to debug things for you or @Shodan yet - probably have a little time at the weekend.
  6. @wizeone - hadn't realised you were new and couldn't DM my yet. Hit me up on discord - CyberMirageUK#7623
  7. Upload your save folder somewhere I can get a copy and I'll investigate after work this evening.
  8. Sorry for delay - my new windows arrived and ended up doing some prep work ready to get them installed. Ive now got a a local ftp server running and so will investigate this after work this evening. Will update you with my findings. Cheers -- update -- I noticed that I'm manually forcing the various security protocols and removed that in my dev build to let it use whatever protocols the underlying Os is configured for. Using a local FTP in this new version I was unfortunately unable to reproduce the issue. Will get together a build with my changes since last release - I might have inadvertently fixed it. If it persists we'll work on it in DM against your live server together.
  9. @Shodan - standard ftp or sftp? I dont' have a server anymore but can setup a local ftp site to test this with if you can confirm which version you use there. I'm assuming something changed in the hashing/crypto stuff I used between .net 4.8 and .net 6.0 or something in the FTP libraries I use has.
  10. The character name, possibly level - will be available in the game save. Unfortunately as I need more than that for the information I display on ASV I only load up players that still have data in the .arkprofile files. I might look at including something in a future build where it just lists the basic data for players that are still in a tribe but have uploaded off a server.
  11. now available. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HJMcFKej3V7X7vx2MDHuxkb1Uc8vLhxD/view?usp=sharing Fixed command line parsing. Included any appropriate .dll or .json dependencies that I might have missed previously.
  12. It's rare I load up discord unless I'm checking for new mod map content. Will load it up now and grab your save too
  13. @pleinx Not got your dm with save but Larkfields already sent me his which I've been quickly testing. The command line export appears to have changed between the versions of .net - for some reason the regular expression I was using to parse it out no longer does. I have a new version I'm working on - leave it with me half hour or so. I guess I also forgot to package up System.Data.SqlClient.dll - will make sure I zip it up with next release.
  14. @pleinx - did you install both the runtime and "desktop runtime"? ASVExport should work with just the runtime - ArkViewer will also need the desktop runtime installing
  15. @Larkfields send me your save folder backup. Will dig into it and see what's going on - I don't believe anything major was changed but I'm always tweaking things so could have accidentally broken something. @Kraylin I'll have to try and reproduce this at some point but I no longer run my own ARK server so pretty limited on what I can test from FTP connection side of things atm. Also - the sub filtering. I might change the current search box from finding next to applying a filter find. I believer you should then be able to use it for your purposes.
  16. The latest release includes the in-game DinoId. Right click in the grid of the wild or tamed you want and select "Copy DinoId" I will add your suggested commands and review the latest available commands and add any that are now also appropriate.
  17. New build now available. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kfNKYTlwJVZRkHMCVMvf1tyDDgPW6cak/view?usp=sharing All now fully ported to target Microsoft .Net 6.0 PLEASE NOTE: If you haven't already got it installed you'll need to install v6 of the dotNet framework from: Microsoft dotNet Website Console apps runtimes will be required for ASVExport and ArkViewer. Desktop apps runtimes will be required to run ArkViewer.exe New version of source code also available for those that are interested: https://github.com/miragedmuk/ASV
  18. Once you have the dotNet 6 runtimes installed the only dll's needed in the updated dotNet 6 version of ASVExport will be: ASVExport.dll ASVPack.dll Newtonsoft.Json.dll NLog.dll SavegameToolkit.dll SavegameToolkitAdditions.dll The viewer will obviously need a few more: ArkViewer.dll FluentFTP.dll Renci.SshNet.dll SshNet.Security.Cryptography.dll System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualisation Got most of it upgraded this morning before work but had issues with the Chart control. Apparently dotNet 6.0 doesn't support the original control and a port hasn't been done on a "designer" so will have to hand code the charts on the Tribe tab after work this evening.
  19. I'll look into it - I thought the host stuff was only required when running on Linux.. which I don't have myself. edit. Seems to be an issue of running NLog command in the ASVPack.dll which is targeting .net framework 4.8 being called by ASVExport.exe which is .net core 3. Will investigate and see what is required to get it working. For now can you use ArkViewer command line to export instead? should be the same command line input and results. edit 2. I'm going to be working on bringing all the projects up to date and unify them against Microsoft .Net 6 which is the latest and long term supported version of .net core. Will hopefully have it complete this evening after I finish work today. (Yes, I work bank holidays)
  20. I did a ghosted fly-by of the Alemia map for now @BoRGaMeS Feel free to download it and include it in your "maps" folder and edit your "maps.json" to reflect the map_alemia.png filename. Alemia Fly-By in-game screenshot map
  21. Version now available to download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1A_Nh1Y9bPzvvKAxehkKwkn2ufHL4_gsr/view?usp=sharing Features Player Engrams - see what emotes, hairstyles and engrams a player has unlocked. I'll need to work out explorer notes. They are in an array of numbers rather than class strings so need to find out what each means before I can implement explorer notes found.
  22. I hate the oddities of ARK data sometimes. Turns out "normal" engrams are included in the Map.ARK save data as part of player inventory however Tek engrams are not. Digging further I can see in my player.arkprofile data "PlayerState_EngramBluePrints" which appears to contain all learned engrams for that player. I will update ASV later to use this data instead of inventory data from the game save. Also available: Emotes, Explorer Notes
  23. FYI I've also finally started work outlining what will be in the Wiki for this. https://github.com/miragedmuk/ArkSaveVisualiser/wiki One question - for any of you that run ASVExport.exe on a Linux system - can you please provide me with instructions on how to set that up? Would be nice to include that info on the Wiki too. Thanks in advance
  24. New build now available: Version https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ud3B3jt6aeuQzpqXlzFxV6e6wUdZpezp/view?usp=sharing Changes Addition of "search bar" on each main tab. Allows "find next" functionality of the currently displayed results. @ANewHome Addition of "DinoId" so the new search bar can be used to find the exact dino from in-game Id. @ANewHome Addition of right click "Copy Dino Id" to Tame and Wild tab grids. Uses the actual in-game DinoID1 + DinoID2. @ANewHome Additon of Engram tab on Player Explorer view to show learned engrams. @LeGustaVinho Basic support for Alemia mod map. No map image available but happy to add one if somebody can link me. @BoRGaMeS Support for The Earrion map. @TiPi Fixes Spelling mistake in the maps.json for the image filename of Crystal Isles. @Herokumo and others.
  25. @BoRGaMeS I dont suppose you have an "explorer" or "resources" map image for Alemia? Got the co-ords added but can't find a decent or any type of world map to use as the map image.
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