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  1. Hey Jamagh Wasn't aware of that one tribe you're talking about but guessing it's one of the bigger ones. We have a few griefers though. People stealing/trying to steal a tame then if they can't they kill/try to kill it. Thankfully it is somewhat rare. Other than that the community seems pretty helfpul/friendly on 71. Hopefully with addition of more servers the overcrowded issue will dampen down.
  2. soulie

    Why are new severs not being put up!?!?

    I realise what you're saying but do you really believe wildcard is of this moment planning to continue the long term maintenance for legacy servers? From the great migration post of theirs it was apparent to me they did not want legacy to continue. Once they do their next review of "low population servers to be killed" then most if not all legacy will be right there in the crosshairs. Our tribe also put in thousands of hours into the game and at the time of the great migration announcement we made a decision to firstly start on new servers while still maintaining our legacy base and dinos because of the sentimental attachment and in the hopes to see if they might support legacy once again. After seeing the state that legacy servers are in we've now decided to abandon ship (just a couple of days ago). Yes it was hard to abandon almost 1000 tames across 3 servers, and no it wasn't just some flippant decision we took 1 minute to come up with, but we would rather actually be able to play the game without the constant rubberbanding, disconnecting or being able to connect at all, threat of griefers doing whatever they please, etc. Random disconnects happen yes, but they do so way more frequently on legacy (for us anyway). One example of many, I decided to login our legacy server to try explore a cave that I hadn't been in yet and 5 minutes in disconnected on my flyer near the cave entrance then could no longer login after several attempts over about an hour even though the server was around 15/70. After that frustration, logged into new server and played for several hours just fine. All we've gotten from legacy since is frustration. For us it all seems to point to wc wanting to take legacy offline, just a matter of when. At least with the new servers it is just frustration of logging in which will be alleviated by adding more servers. We knew this would be an issue on full release. More people complaining may (but probably will not) help them roll out new servers faster, hence I'm replying to these kinds of posts.
  3. soulie

    Why are new severs not being put up!?!?

    They are empty because of several reasons. First no customer support, second poor performance with low populations, third random disconnects, fourth inability to actually connect even with sub 10 players out of 70 and the list goes on. I wonder if they are even dedicated servers or shared servers. They just need to pull these down and repurpose them already as new servers instead of dragging out their futile existence.
  4. soulie

    Why are new severs not being put up!?!?

    I think you're on the same server as us Nessy, 71. It's been a real pain trying to get in. Yesterday 4 hours today about 3 so far and still not in
  5. soulie

    New Ragnarok Bosses!

    See this guy's previous reply:
  6. soulie

    Wyvern milking

    I would suggest a griffin too as they have fairly high HP/stam so you can tank a few hits, plus they can dive to accelerate very quickly to give you some distance (important if kiting lightning) We have griffins specced for wyvern kiting 20k+ hp and 2k+ stam. Anything below 5k hp and you can get toasted very easily by a lightning wyvern.
  7. soulie

    Ragnarok wyvern nests query?

    Indeed.. haha
  8. soulie

    Still Gathering Thatch?

    Reporting would require more support staff which they are already short on. So these are the basic guidelines to become a member: You need 12 posts to no longer be an early bird and become a regular member Posts in this social section (Introductions etc) do not count as a post for the 12 post count You can only post 4 times a day as an early bird (this includes this Introductions section) so use your posts wisely After the 12 posts you can post as much as you like without limits any more So the minimum amount of time to be a member is 3 days and none of your posts can be in this introductions section. My advice is to reply to some general Ark topics or the subset of Ark map you're playing on (Ragnarok, Scorched Earth etc).
  9. soulie

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Today in Ark I've hit the join server button for my official server I would estimate around 200 times. The login raid boss seems unbeatable!
  10. soulie

    Ragnarok wyvern nests query?

    if you're looking at youtube vids a lot are outdated You'll only find ice eggs/wyverns in murder snow now. The snowy area to the east, just south below scar. You need fur gear though and wouldn't advise going during night. Called murder snow for a reason lol
  11. It should have been effective at launch (or even when announcement hit). Apparently there will still be support to keep the servers up and maintained but nothing for personal in game problems - you're on your own there. I'm sure if there are bugs reported in the forums that affect all servers they will be addressed.
  12. soulie

    Wyvern in SW

    I think they only despawn if the are out of render range for some time so if you live there they will stay there also if you return they will just spawn again if you live at their spawn point
  13. soulie

    Preserving salt and preserving bins

    They still seem to go in the preserving bin for me?
  14. soulie

    Ice wyverns/ice wyvern eggs not spawning

    Since the first nest I saw near the log I haven't seen any since though. Are you meaning you have to be really close to see the nest or the dragon?
  15. soulie

    Anyone else experiencing shallow leed spawns ?

    Leeds will actively try and destroy rafts so from the distances i see them underwater to the shore I don't doubt it