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  1. Could they not start this process earlier and or release steam in conjunction with console?
  2. You also work with external partners when adding ark to PC so don't use that as an excuse to send console everything so slowly.
  3. No Cedric, meshing is not a "Severe situation" It's a constant, everyday, every server situation. We are done playing until you fix it. Hours and hours wasted every single time we pick up and play this game, by someone in the mesh. Waste of time. #trash #lies #excuses #bye
  4. I have an idea - How about you stop working on EVERYTHING until you fix meshing. I've quit the game, my friends have quit the game, and I suggest everyone else quits the game until they fix the biggest problem of all. MESHING. Oh you fixed two rocks ? Cool. Too bad literally the ENTIRE MAP is still meshable on EVERY MAP. DILO wild card? At least you got a COOL COMIC! LOL game still aint playable!
  5. Oh, so basically what youre saying is your moving onto create other half finished trash you can push for more money. Got it.
  6. Let's say you only have 10 QA testers because you want to keep millions in profit instead of invest more into the game then yes it would take 500 hours of testing per week, lets assume you put some of the profits back into the game and hire 20 QA testers BOOM MAGIC LOOK YOU CUT THE TIME IN HALF! Give me a break, you guys have made millions in profit the only thing holding you back from having a full crew capable of fixing the bugs and problems with reasonable speed is YOU. Let me play the worlds smallest violin while you shed your crocodile tears D-U-M-B Why would you work on creating new content instead of fixing the issues already existing only to blame lack of work power later? WHERE'S THE MONEY LEBOWSKI?
  7. I'm starting to realize the ARK team never replies, posts or mentions anything unless it directly relates to them making more money. Disgusting company with the worst customer service of any gaming company I've ever played, and I've been playing games since the 90s. You guys are nothing but money grubbing, incompetent programmers. We've asked so many questions on these forums and you guys don't answer a single one, yet you push these new posts when you have something to sell. Wheres the updates on the bugs? On new servers for consoles? What's going on? You guys are really lame and that's why I haven't bought extinction. I won't be buying it because you guys are a joke and I know there will be absolutely zero customer service for any problems I'm bound to encounter. You guys haven't even finished fixing the bugs from the OLD maps. Great game ruined by the developers who are only out to make as much money as possible with putting in as little effort as possible and it's clear as day. All your posts in the past couple weeks are flooded with unanswered questions. But you guys don't care unless it effects your bottom line and the amount of money you guys are gonna make. Ever consider the value public opinion can have in regard to your company? No, you haven't. Sad. Anyone here complaining about the switch deserved to get their money stolen. This company has done nothing but prove their not worth jack poope and you still bought it. Shame on you.
  8. Out of curiosity - What does it matter if nobody replies to any of our questions/concerns anyways? Console players have been asking for an update for weeks in regards to conquest and nothing has been said about it.
  9. Thank you for letting the console players know what's going on with conquest on consoles. Wait, no, you didn't say a word about it. @Jen
  10. Yea well, they could at least address the issue themselves. There is too much assuming going on. Actually, they started conquest then passed it over to snail at a later date. So it stands to reason they could bring them to consoles as well. Their post (not snail games) said they would consider their success and evaluate bringing them to consoles at a later date. We are at a later date and ready for their evaluation. They have added additional conquest servers since launch so obviously it's been successful from a population standpoint. A lot of people are not returning to the game until they do so. The current servers are boring, too slow, and require too much effort/time to keep a proper base afloat. Why is it so hard to get official word on Conquest for consoles? Pretty silly at this point. I'm glad I didn't buy extinction yet because I was waiting for conquest as well. (So were some of my friends)
  11. No new servers or conquest? What a joke. Thanks wildcard. freaking pointless. Well, thanks for making us wait with our hopes up instead of just discussing the matter.
  12. Yes, I'm aware, as everyone else is, that extinction itself or new extinction servers can't come out without extinction being released - Thank you for gracing us with your wisdom. If you have anything to say that actually pertains to what I'm asking about, please let us know. I'm asking for information regarding new servers or conquest servers for consoles with or before the release of extinction. Obviously I have to state for people like Vaculity if the conquest servers came out before extinction then obviously extinction would not be included until it did come out. With that being said, I hope they consider releasing conquest with extinction on consoles or before. People are waiting to return to the game if new servers, specifically conquest, are released. Take care
  13. It's going to be really lame if you bring extinction to consoles and don't have any sort of new servers. Can you please release conquest soon or at least mention whether you will or not or at least consider bringing some sort of new server to consoles with extinction? All the servers seem full or controlled by large groups that will go wipe anyone they find there. There are large groups of people I know about waiting for conquest with extinction on ps4 to return to the game. Thanks for your consideration and reply
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