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  1. It's not Xbox, PC or even Wildcards fault they've had to wait a year, it's the fact that PS4 doesn't have an early access program and Sony REFUSED to let them release it, so the fact that they're rewarding Sony after they gave Wildcard and their own player base the middle finger for a whole year means to me that Wildcard is basically taking a dump on our chests as a reward for actually play testing their game.
  2. Primitive p Primitive Plus is a mod made by a third party and it's one guy working on it. He's doing his best to be able to implement everything onto every map and what not so it takes time. I understand frustrations but we can't expect everything in the world from these people, especially modders who are doing this out of their homes for the good of the community. On another note, thank you Wildcard so much for listening to the community and not just straight up cancelling the event and just postponing it, I know you guys work hard over there and that you guys have a lot on your plate and that things come up some times. (To save yourselves some hate from the extremely over zealous in the community maybe just announce less stuff and keep it as surprises instead like Scorch was an awesome surprise to come out and everyone was happy because it wasn't prehyped(well, almost everyone, see above mentioned zealots)) So once again thank you for making this AMAZING game that I have poured almost 2000 hours in to playing. And for those of you that continue to complain time after time, remember HOW MUCH TIME YOU'GE GOTTEN OUT OF A $35(+$20 if you have Scorch) GAME!!! I've been burned 10 times in the last 2 years on FULL PRICE, "FINISHED GAMES" that I've played for less than 15 hours and you guys are always complaining about bugs in a game that you've played like a full time job over the last year. That's right, there's 2000 hours in a work year and most of you that bitch every time have played that much in the last year so stuff a sock in it already and appreciate the golden goose that Wildcard has made us! (FOR $35!!!)
  3. This comment I agree with the most because my server is very similar in the fact that we've call a halt to all fighting so that we could hand together to take down the Dodorex and similarly on our Scorch server for the Dodowyvern. To cancel at the last second is a big let down, I've been a huge supporter of the game for a long time and to get it taken away at the eleventh hour hurts. Can we please at least get this in November instead of another full year without this content?
  4. Definitely not another bug spray tame please....
  5. Instead of shooting the queen in the face with a Tranq dart they should make some sort of system where you have to "knock it out" with smoke. Smoke or narcotic bombs would be a cool new taming method added for them.
  6. He was saying to increase the Dino limit so he has room in his group of Dino's for other less useful but still fun to have Dino's. Right now his limit is used up by War and Utility Dino's. He wasn't saying he had a problem finding them, but having room for the tames was his issue.
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