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  1. Launch Update

    I love this game. But these ETA's can never be trusted...
  2. Rentable PS4 Servers & Ragnarok Update!

    Yes, slots is the amount of positions open in the server. As for the cluster, that's beyond me.
  3. Rentable PS4 Servers & Ragnarok Update!

    Sign into Nitrado. Go to "My Services". Click on "Web Interface". In the top left it will say "Server Started" or "Server Stopped". Simply hit the red "Stop Server" or green "Restart Server" to do whichever you need. *note* You will HAVE to restart the server if you make any changes to your game settings. They won't be applied until a restart happens. If your server says it's running and you can't find it, under "Settings" click "general" and look at your server name. Either search that or change it to whatever you want (which will require a server restart). And you should find. Hope this helps.
  4. Sunglasses would be wonderful! That glare is a killer. And the Phoenix....whoa! I'm trying to imagine taming it...
  5. Rentable PS4 Servers & Ragnarok Update!

    Will we be able to transfer characters and items/dinos to Ragnarok on release day? I've heard some say no, and then I see Alpha tribes getting ready to transfer and "lock down" Ragnarok servers on day 1. Which is it?
  6. Rentable PS4 Servers & Ragnarok Update!

  7. Rentable PS4 Servers & Ragnarok Update!

    Since the servers are Nitrado hosted, does anyone know if mods can be used on PS4 now?
  8. Rentable PS4 Servers & Ragnarok Update!

    Check the most recent announcement. Its available now through The ARK announcement has the link.
  9. Will PC hosting for the PS4 allow mods to be played on the PS4? I know on PC its only a matter of copy and pasting the mod you want on the Nitrado hosting page, and then when you start ARK it automatically downloads the files. If this is possible on PS4 that would be amazing! Does anyone know?
  10. Rentable PS4 Servers & Ragnarok Update!

    It was postponed to Aug 29th
  11. Keeps you warm?? That's cool. Definitely taming an otter.....or 10
  12. pvp Looking for a server to set up

    Unfortunately, yes. If you know of anyone who wants to make them go away, be my guest! haha
  13. pvp Looking for a server to set up

    I'm a former Alpha tribe recruiting in preparation for Ragnarok. Tribe Vikings. If interested, I'm on server 457. You can add me on PSN also. Killion_kwe 25 years old.
  14. A List of ideas to hopefully add to the game

    Awesome ideas! One I would love to see is automated mining. Gas/Electric powered drones or programmable Tek Tier items that let you 'program' a Dino with what to do. It would make harvesting almost enjoyable.
  15. Add option to turn off auto-jump when exiting water

    ^^^ This! Auto jumping has gotten me killed so many times it's ridiculous.