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  1. NickLyah

    Upload Cooldown

    that´s so annoying you have to wait till the timer drop´s to 0 to transfer ... it´s a big dev troll i guess
  2. NickLyah

    Still Gathering Thatch?

    mh the 11 posts is probaly not correct?!
  3. nothing at the new server i´ll still play on Legacy cuz it is too much work in my old stuff and we all on our server hope that there stay and not going down in 3 Months
  4. it means the launch day too cuz there patching "Day One" patch and Hello?! It is still Wildcard we all know there patches and co
  5. Never play on a patchday Guys
  6. this is so bad when start the pillaring from ragna ...
  7. i hope is not over 50 bucks...
  8. NickLyah

    Mating Animation