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  1. I'm still having this issue. For now, I've just tamped down the slider so things respawn before I log out, but I'm missing a lot of resources like metal, stone, and crystal that I need. This happened over the summer once, and I'm not sure what fixed it, if it was an update for this, or something unrelated.
  2. This issue just started up again after the last batch of updates for aberration. Does anyone have a reliable fix for it, or know when we might see it resolved?
  3. This issue is still not resolved, even after the updates over the last few days. The respawn slider does not work on already harvested resources, and resources are not respawning. Can someone please help?
  4. This is either sp, or non dedicated for myself. I tried again - took down one rock near my base, logged out, logged in, cleared the rest of the resources. Everything except that one rock spawed back within an hour. This seems to be a legitimate bug. Is there some formal reporting process? I've lost the ability to gather metal, oil, and crystal, as I've cleared all of the nodes nearby, and they aren't spawning.
  5. Going off my edit from before - it seems like this issue is session-dependent. Once the resource is harvested, if it's not respawned by the time I log out, it's almost like it's gone forever, or at least on a timer that's longer than useful. I've probably spent well over 8 hours in a spot, waiting for resources to spawn, and they aren't. Is anyone else seeing resource spawn issues? Does anyone have any suggestions to fix this?
  6. I noticed that some items had come back since last time I had harvested, so I went out with my dinos, and went to gather. Turns out, I forgot to change my slider from 0. When I got far enough away, sure enough, what I had harvested popped back up. I changed the slider, harvested a couple items, and then reset the slider to 0 - no luck. So it seems that the slider works when set to 0, but only on items that are harvested in the game. Is there any way other than waiting for hours to find out if these resources will respawn? Is this legitimately an issue with sp respawn - does anyone know? ---- edited this morning as I can't reply to threads for some reason --- When logged in this morning, I went back to harvest. Some observations (my resource slider is at 0.6): Within the same session: Shrubs/plants seem to spawn back almost immediately Tiny trees spawn back within a few minutes Larger (palm-type) trees spawn back within an hour Rocks spawn back within an hour Some of the trees (larger palm-type) harvested in previous sessions finally started to spawn - This took multiple hours in this session, plus the multiple hours from prior sessions None of the rocks or metal harvested in previous sessions spawned. I waited for over 4 hours in this session Has anyone seen a similar issue, or know of how to fix this? As of right now, it looks like only items from the current session are respawning, and perhaps some sporadic wood resources from prior sessions with enough time.
  7. I'm starting to think it was coincidence, or a fluke, that the resources had spawned around my base when I logged in today. I usually keep my respawn slider at .6 or .7, as it's just me, but if the resource respawn isn't being 'listened' to by the game, then maybe I didn't wait long enough. My base is 'live' all the time (I think) - but I haven't figured out yet what makes an area 'live' - is it only player presence, or can dinos, things on timers (furnaces, garden pots, compost bins, etc) make an area 'live'? For right now, I'm just sitting out at the spot I'm hoping to get resources at, to see if they come back, and if they do, how long it takes. Usually, it's a couple hours, even with the slider tamped down.
  8. Thanks for posting the stuff for the sp flag. I don't know what's up with the resources. Nothing was spawning - even if I waited it out. I actually harvested the stuff further out first, which is what I can't get to spawn. And the slider seemed to have worked once when I toggled the switch for the sp flag, but only around the base (where I was at the time). It didn't work the second time at another area. I may try to toggle the sp flag again, see if that helps - even though as you've pointed out, it should have no bearing on resources.
  9. Okay - so it worked in one isolated area - near my base - but a short distance out, it hadn't reset the resources. I tried again to reset them in another area, and it isn't taking. Any suggestions?
  10. I unchecked it, and reset the resource slide to 0. It worked. Thank you so much. Do you know what that check-box does? Why is it over-riding the resource spawn - not just the slider, but the timer, too?
  11. Is anyone else having an issue on single-player with resource regen? Resources aren't respawning - I've tried waiting, I've set the slide bar to 0, set the distance bar lower, nothing seems to be working. Is there something that can be done to fix this? My landscape is getting pretty bare.
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