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  1. KitsuneAyakashi

    Griffin Colour Glitch

    Still having this problem for both griffins and ice wyverns. It really bugs me since I keep getting really pretty griffins and baby ice wyverns but they change to the same ugly colors every time I relog they don’t stay the pretty black or blues or other colors. The griffins are like a gold brown while ice wyverns a blue white. I hope they fix this soon.
  2. KitsuneAyakashi

    Community Crunch 100!

    I liked it but unless im missing it where is the Digest? or the questions answered like in the last one? I realized that this is just the Crunch not Digest.
  3. KitsuneAyakashi

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    Question #1 since the megalania can climb walls and you can cycle the option why not add that option to the griffin to allow it to cycle from jumping mode to flying mode? just a thought. Question #2 Will we ever be able to use a usb to tranfer ark paints from our pc's to the ps4 or xbox, like just transferring the paint image from one to another or can u already do that? Question #3 Can you think of maybe adding a saddle for the Griffin or dire wolf sorta like how the equus can be ridden with or without one?