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  1. You're welcome apparently those things work on Meks too also when u use it anything in its inventory drops so if you got Meks and lag try using some cryopods and store them in a cyrofreezer
  2. It's rockwell I heard him say at the end of cutscene DID. YOU. MISS. ME. Also it's were there is another gaurdian hologram but I don't know what the fudge it is.
  3. Yeah I would say it's encumbered meaning it's over it's weight limit tbh honest why don't you just bump ur settings up a bit it makes your gaming experience so much easier.
  4. It's probably too late for this now but I had same issue it's cuz you have it on extinction I belive and you don't have it yet so i had to go to PlayStation store and download it real quick then you can play it but yeah that's what i did so you will have to go to ur store on your platform and get it first.
  5. You go up to your tame and hold the button you would use for using a item and make sure ur close enough and hold it down until it absorbs it completely then move to a open space and equip it then press the same button you used as before it will throw it like a poke ball and there you go spino I choose you! Lol If that does fail tho you can use the admin commands I said before as that's what i do when i get stuck which is like all the time lol.
  6. Idk man people can be real jerks online I would afraid to do that unless it's only with friends or something like that. But I guess that's his choice
  7. I'd hate to say but I think the dude is right they probably aren't going to give you a refund and I know it sucks I'm just now coming back to the game and somehow just friggen somehow they still never patched the ascension glitch on abberation that causes you to loose your character so what's the point of playing if you can't even progress normally not to mention their work around doesn't even work and the commands don't work ethier for it and they also will cause you to loose your character so yeah I know how you feel it pisses you off and then when you try reporting it and at least try to get someone to acknowledge it they won't. Your just ignored and it really makes you furious like I'm so sick of those glitches too like that. Also im curious you said it kicked you out to home screen? Because it did that to me also on aberration after i ascended instead of showing the download character list after skipping the end credits but when i load up the game again all i get is create character like DILO is this go to download and no it's not there cause f you thats why. So yeah sounds like maybe they are connected in a way perhaps something is wrong with transfer and ascension I suppose?
  8. I know how to get him out if your the admin of your server or on singleplayer ride on the spino via spino saddle and use the command fly but make sure your on the ground before you use the next command walk or you may kill it like not too low but not too high above ground because it can get stuck in the ground then you will have to use a ghost command to get him unstuck. Also you can use that as well just make sure your very careful so that you don't fall through the world and use command walk when you are out if your problem there. If not admin of server or on singleplayer then make a spino saddle but make sure you remember where he is and use it to manually remove him from said area.
  9. Im I'm also having this issue on ps4 I put all of mine in a storage box and left the game and it vanished when i returned the next day on singleplayer so yeah same issue.
  10. travis9990

    Silicate disappears

    Yes I believe I also am having a similar issue because I stored a bunch of it in a storage box on singleplayer and when I came back on the day after it was gone all of it I literally checked everywhere and it was just vanished like DILO I had a large storage box full of it with silica pearls but oh yeah those are still there but not my sillicates. Also I'm positive I didn't misplace them as the last thing I did last night was store them before I got off my SINGLEPLAYER game and same thing happened because like i said I got back on today right at this moment I am typing this because it just happened they vanished. The only difference is my game didn't crash... yet. Oh also i play on PlayStation 4 and this happened to me so seems like it disappears when you leave the game but the other stuff don't.
  11. So here I am again 1 year later and I still question myself asking why I even bother. I tried to ascend on abberation today after trying it a year ago and loosing my character but reuploaded it via backup, and same thing happened again after beating rockwell on alpha and it's been one year Wildcard one fing year what have you people been doing a whole year! I expected this to be fixed by now along with other people and that stupid access a terminal or obliesk or whatever bs don't work ethier. I went onto the surface of aberration and accessed the inventory of the oblesik and preceded to fight rockwell somehow expecting a diffrent result and I'm not the only person who is experiencing and has experienced this. This should of been fixed long before now and here we are a few months before extinction. Well i get aberration is on a broken ark and all but that don't mean the map itself needs to be completly broke. I also tried your work around too because you guys can't fix it or don't want to and that doesnt work ethier! So please forum moderators don't delete this thread as it is very important and this needs to be looked at ASAP also I think it's a singleplayer and local/host issue, because I seem to only have the problem on there along with other people. Also can i please have a estimate for when this bull is gonna be fixed I'm so bored over here just wanting to get my specimen implant red and them extra levels. I also tried spawning rockwell in on alpha and that doesn't even work so i can't get to level 130 and my level stopped at 117 and implant still says Gamma rockwell for some reason dispite fighting rockwell on alpha like a thousand times.... When a major obstacle such as a game breaking bug blocks the path in which the game wants you to take it becomes hard to play that game anymore. So I'm stuck in my place and unable to progress futher because the ascension in aberration is complete FUBAR! I just had to cheat to get corruption helmet skin because i knew I couldnt do it legit without losing all my progress I had gotten that day. Speaking of which that really made me mad too the fact that you guys add 3 new notes in 2 areas that you all knew were extremely buggy and if done legit would require ascending and then cause ppl to loose thier characters so why did you do this before fixing the issue first, it makes no sense once so ever... Also it's on PlayStation 4. @Jatheish I tried opening a supply crate and a oblisk and after I beat rockwell and ascended I still lost my character any eta for when this game breaking bug is going to be fixed already. Edited Monday at 05:12 PM by travis9990 Forgot to mention it's on console (PlayStation 4)
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