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  1. Amazing work on the new dossiers. Just wanted to point out the teeny tiny misspelling in the Spino's dossier. It says "...Quadriped..." wereas it's actually supposed to say "Quadruped". Just a minor typo, otherwise the dossiers are fire - Keep up the good work! //Your local ARK fan
  2. The pachycephalosaurus is currently underused and could be turned into something much better. The model could use some tweaking, and although the real-life version wasn't very big, it was still bigger than the in-game version and definitely deserves an increase in size. There really isn't any good early- to mid-game herbivore made for combat until the Therzino (which is more late-game), so an increase in strength as well as speed is much needed. Though the main focus would be its functions, the Pachy deserves to become better in form of more abilities, for instance making it able to turn while doing its charge, or even better making it get a pack boost, (since it most likely lived in a herd in real life and butted heads for dominance). Or even something crazy like being able to head-butt trees or something to get food or resources to fall down. Please "fix" the pachy, it could become a great early-game mount for knocking out creatures as well as battling. You'll surely figure out some interesting ability for it. Keep up the good work! Edit: You could add the ability to stun enemies with the right-click charge when you hit someone or a creature with it. As well as making the charge alike the rhino by having the speed increase the further you go. That would make it a good early-game travel mount. The jumping could be improved as well. It really deserves an increase in size and speed to make it live up to its name. Thank you <3
  3. I believe you should "fix" the Parasaur. I'd say redo the model and animations, at least giving it some sort of useful attack. Increasing the size a little bit and maybe even giving it the ability to switch between quadrupedal and bipedal stance. Although the most important thing I'd say would be to make the parasaur work like a live tripwire alarm. The parasaurolophus were known to be able to make loud noises to communicate, signal and most importantly warn other individuals. So giving it the ability the be able to make an alarming call whenever it sees (for instance) enemy players, aggressive dinos or even high level dinos would make sense and it would make the parasaur a very useful early-game creature; which is what it was meant to be. This would mean giving love to one of the most original, and unfortunately most underrated dinos of ARK! Nonetheless, great job with the TLC Pass so far, keep up the good work!!! <3
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