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  1. Sooooooooo excited for this. Though, I'd be more excited to see some love to old trash tames cluttering maps up or bug fixes for issues we have had pre-SE.
  2. Endgame Boosted PVP Cluster It's time for the Endgame now! Endgame is a one month season cluster with boosted rates for constant brutality. From The Island to Valguero we host all of the Official Arks. We have periodic events with fun and exciting prizes and a PVE server that tribes can retire any beloved tames to after each season! XP and rates- Level Cap is 105 +30 levels when fully ascended. - Max wild dino level 150 normal, 180 tek, and 190 wyvern- Taming and breeding 15x- Player and dino XP x20- Harvest x20Tribe and PvP settings- 7 players max per tribe- Tribe dino cap per server: 400- Turret damage x5- Mutator x5- Turret limit 250 per 33 foundationsGameplay- All engrams are learned as you go- Bosses are not necessary for engrams, although you can fight them to ascend, for loot and for element- PvE admin areas are not to be built in or around. Server side settings will prevent PvP in those areas. - Drops are custom made and can contain really good items, no one likes water jar blueprints! - Drops can have different items depending on what server you're on. - Fliers are allowed on Aberration"Server Mods"-Classic Flyers-S+-CT Reusable-OGS-HG stacking mod-Awesome spy Glass-Tribute and element transfer-Automated ArkPvE Server also has-ECO decor-Castles and Keeps-Steampunk"Server Links"Aberation steam://connect/ steam://connect/ steam://connect/ Earth steam://connect/ Center (PvE) steam://connect/ Island steam://connect/ steam://connect/ https://discord.gg/Dsu762x
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