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  1. When is Genesis coming?? Gahhh! Well, come play with us and help kill the time till it does (and kill each other)
  2. Still goin strong! Pop is growing nice and steady! Come hang out with our chaos!
  3. Wonderful start to the season so far! Lots of fun PVP and some super juicy bases just waiting to get hit!
  4. Where Angels Fear to Tread 25x 5 Map Cluster (Wipe 11/30/19)) Where Angels Fear to Tread (WAFTT) is a 5 map PVP cluster that regularly posts events! The admins strive to create a friendly environment to maintain constant BLOOD, DEATH AND DESTRUCTION and amiable resolution on the other end of the fight. Make sure to join discord to have access to constant communication with the admins and to keep an eye on future updates, adjustments and events! We are currently maintaining a 6 week wipe schedule; with an aggressively progressing shop and actively looking for violent (yet, polite) survivors to add to our player base. Maps: -The Island -Ragnarok -Aberration -Extinction -Valguero Features and Mods: Expansion on Holiday Events 6th Map dedicated to weekly events. 25x rates HG Stacking Mod 10000 Structures Plus Arkomatic Najs Speedy Flyers Rare Sightings (Extinction only) Awesome Spyglass Editable Server UI Tribute and Element Transfers Tebex Shop OGS (increases structure health when offline and increases turret damage) 72 Hour New Player Protection Direct Links: The Island: steam://connect/ (Event Map, only open for events) Ragnarok: steam://connect/ The Island: steam://connect/ Aberration: steam://connect/ Extinction: steam://connect/ Valguero: steam://connect/ Discord: https://discord.gg/gyEuc7G
  5. I like this dude's comment on the overall logic, but, would say vultures instead. +Armor shredding
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